That one person…

There is always that one person who affects me in so may ways.. actually there are so many one persons who affect me in various ways. Some make me happy..some make me cry… but mostly …make me happy at the beginning…i dont know how it leads to some tears as time goes on… or as it nears the end.
That one person who smiles at you in the beginning… or that one person who makes faces at you at the first look… !! But there is always that one person whom we are never able to forget.
That one person who loves us.. who thinks we are his/her life… then that one person who doesn’t even know that we exist but we are so much in love with him/her.
That one person who hates us to no extent… and that one person whom we feel like punching hard whenever we see him/her. These one persons are what make us who we are. No matter how much we stress on the thoughts like “i am me.. i don’t live according to anybody else.. i have my own rules..” n all that… we always have that one person who invades our thoughts.
Sometimes you need just that one person who will let you talk and ramble, listen to you complain and look like an idiot..but still love you all the same.
Sometimes that one person makes all the difference. Its just that one person whom you miss even if you are surrounded by your loved ones.
Sometimes its just that one person whom you hate so much is the one whom you want to be with, so desperately.
That one person…who is always pleased and supports you when you do something that interests you… and even if the whole world is against you.
I actually feel blessed to have so may one persons in my life who cater to my mood swings all the time 🙂
I am sure you guys must also have that one person in your life whom you would never ever like to let go… or forget.
In the end..that one person… who makes or breaks you… will always be present in your life… tend to that person well.. because if you let go of that one person.. you wont land anywhere.. are right I am talking about “YOU”..! 🙂

Mona Darling… ;)

The Mona Lisa – Masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci is the most famous painting in the history of art. The painting is a half-length portrait and depicts a seated woman with an enigmatic face and a mysterious smile.

Now.. everything else technical and non technical about Mona can be read on Wikipedia. The reason I have included her in this blog is due to the observation that Monalisa’s face is sooo versatile that it can be molded as per one’s wish. Her face has been modified in various and funny ways. Although Mona cannot be considered as a beautiful woman,she certainly has that charm on her face.. n thanks to Vinci..that he captured that charm and glow in his painting. It wont fade away.

Hmmm.. so the main thing to b included in this article is Monalisa in different forms..! As I was going through Monalisa’s pics yesterday.. I found some really funny pics related to her.I would like to share them over here.

1) Monalisa smoking a pipe..!
Ok lets start with this one. This copy was created by Eugène Bataille. Not much info about the person..and I also dint care to look out for him.
2) Monalisa with a moustache and gotee ..!
This copy was created in 1919, by Marcel Duchamp, one of the most influential modern artists, by adorning reproduction with a moustache and a goatee. Poor Mona. How she must have felt seeing herself in another gender..!
3) Monalisa Relaxing..!

Hahaha.. this is funny. I liked this one a lot. Mona is relaxing quite supremely with her hands in another pose i.e behind her head ..n hey here we come to know that she has legs too. She decides to show them off finally 😉 n guys after all she must also have felt hot n sweaty down there. So this is I guess the best pose she could relax in!! N look at the way she’s smiling… mannn.. sexy she is 😉

4)Monalisa wearing a witch’s hat..!
Doesn’t she looks like Professor Magonical?? Yea…Professor Magonical teaches at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who has more or less the same hat that our Mona is having. Her hair also have been styled by, I guess the then most famous beautician. All in all.. its a nice get up 🙂

 5) Monalisa as Jack Sparrow..!

Ahaa.. so.. Our Mona is sooo very attracted by our very own sexy Pirate Mr. Jack Sparrow that she changed her look to his looks 😉 Actually its more like Sparrow has rented her looks… the creation is too good I must say..!

6) Jack Sparrow as Monalisa..!
Haha.. I guess now we can make out the attraction between the two.. 😉 Isnt it? This time the pirate decided to look like Mona ! N yea.. he succeeded to a large extent.

7) Mr.Beans as Monalisa..!

Here we find another admirer of Monalisa. Mr.Beans..ahhh.. ye sahab jo na karien wo kam lagta hai 😉
His face is so very funny… n just look at that teddy bear in his..sorry her.. sorry his.. ohhh.. so confused I am now… 😉 anyways that teddy is also looking surprised .. mmm ..actually more like shocked in Mr.Beans’ urf Monalisa’s hands..!

 8) Monalisa in Goggles..!
She’s looking like Mona darling in real terms in this new avatar of hers. I am sure that Salman would feel so low looking at her goggles and when compared to the ones from Dabanng movie.. hehe..! Cool avatar Mona.. keep it up 😉

9) Mona…parda hai parda..!

Hey Mona..This pic of yours reminds me of that famous song “parda hai parda..parda hai parda.. parde k e peechhe pardanasheen hai.. ” but then looking at that look in your eyes… i feel like humming another song by Asha ji “Parde me rehne do..parda na hatao..Parda jo uth gaya to phir…” … Woman.. you look mysterious in this new pose of yours.Your eyes… giving some secret ishaare… to ur admirers 😉
Well..this was a spontaneous post. The idea just came in my mind and lo it is here..! Monalisa never was so fascinating for me. I guess her smile did some magic on me too… 🙂
N yea.. Mona darling, I am happy to see that I have you in my blog 😀

A Bitter Sweet Symphony….

A bitter sweet symphony this life is..
Nobody ever knows when the end is..
As the banks of a river never meet..
Just like that Life and Death never get together…
Those good roads that lead us to each other..
forgetting those roads, we tend to smother…
We get, not more… n not less…
But then why do we always regress…
The happy moments that we savor..
n then those other moments that we never favor…
Life is a blend of millions of you and me…
Spend it by cherishing the moments of glee…
Take pride in little things..
the dawn n dusk and the fluttering of wings…
the scars that are left on your soul doesn’t matter…
its the marks of happiness don’t let you shatter…
Feel the leisure in giving …n not in getting what you expect…
And you will construe that in everything you find the best….
While you get the chance, Live and Love your Life…
Cause anyways, no ones comes out of it Alive…!

She Loves Him…

She loves him…just why doesn’t he understands this?
He says that he loves her…n she knows that he does but then he never expresses it. She waits for him but he never pays attention to all the hours, minutes n seconds that she spent on waiting for just to hear his voice.
She sometimes wonders that may be this is his way of loving her… but then ways do change at least once in a while..may b temporarily.. isn’t it? But then wondering leads to no where. She finds herself waiting as ever..satisfying herself with a bleak response from him at times when he wishes to.
She’s always told to understand his busyness and that definitely a time will come when she will get the love, attention ,care and all that stuff that is shared in such a relation. As the time moves on..she doest do but goes on understanding his priorities more and more just because she feels that this will lead to some golden moments in the near future..!
She does all that is expected from her …but then she is told not to keep any expectations in return just because He may not get time to fulfill them. He says that he loves her…n she knows that he does..!
                                      She has a lot to tell him..she has a lot to share
                                      He has a lot to do..and cannot lend an ear
                                      She loves him thats why she bears it all
                                      In spite of knowing that he wont be there if she falls
                                      He wants some more time all the time
                                      She goes on giving him time without a chime
                                      She doesn’t even knows the outcome of this wait
                                      N accepts Him as if he is her only Fate
                                      She will leave the world just to make him happy
                                      But that doesn’t bothers him and his lappy
                                      She sighhs and tries to keep herself busy
                                      His inconsistent attitude makes her eyes a little fuzzy
                                      Often tears fall down her cheeks
                                      But she brushes them off in wait for happy weeks
                                      She loves him -No matter what the story is
                                      He gloves his feelings – No matter what her pain is….
Still  She Loves Him….

Wordless Monday…!

Ok… So I guess Monday has become such an important issue in my life that I am so very inspired to write about its greatness… !!
N Dear Monday, please dont take that greatness which i am talking about in a positive way..! I have never seen such an evil day like YOU..!!!
Now.. we all hate Mondays.. I dont know the exact reason but we do hate Mondays…!
After an awesome or even non awesome weekend we would never like to see the face of Monday.On sunday nights you can’t concentrate on anything. Your mind gets saturated with the thought of getting up early and commuting with the great and the unwashed tomorrow morning to embark on another week of drudgery and bullshit. 
At the very thought of waking on Mondays, I feel like going and hiding my face in some deep pit(like an ostrich) when at least I pretend that nobody’s going to find me out.
Those few people who feel good on Mondays.. I dont know what to say about them…! I guess they belong to some altogether different n abnormal species of humans and are not much accepted in the normal species. 

Scientists say that Mondays would feel better if we stop sleeping in on weekends… My dear scientists, whatever gave you this idea was very fake… n lame too..!
On this evil day, I never feel like working and sleep doesn’t seems to part away from me. It feels irritating the whole day. The mere mention of Mondays make me furious.
Most of the people react to Mondays in a terrible manner. Here are some of the reactions that I noticed :
1) The weekend went by so quicklyI can’t believe 
2) Its f@#king Monday again
3) There has got to be an easier way than this
4) I want to throw up
5) I wonder if Bill Gates feels like this?
6) I don’t want to think about it
7) I just want to die
8) Damn Its Monday again….
9) I just wish this monday is erased from the calender(dats my fav statement for Mondays).
Well… Monday sucks!! thats very true.. N what I dont understand is that why is a week supposed to include Mondays in it? Why cant this day be swiped off this Universe? 
These are some questions that I’d like to have answers to.. but I know I cant have it as long as this planet is present. I hate Mondays so much that if I get a chance I would put it to a terribly torturous death.
Writing down all this about this day feels like I actually unburdened myself a little bit.Of course the feeling wont go entirely. Mondays have that power to affect me, rather most of us in a negative way !! 
In the end I would just pray to god that he listens to our prayers and make this Monday disappear forever..!
I Hate You Monday!!

A Lesson In Psychology….

When Someone Laughs Too Much
Even On Stupid Things,
Be Sure That Person Is Sad Deep Inside…

When Someone Sleeps A Lot,
Be Sure That Person Is Lonely…

When Someone Doesn’t Talk Much ‘N If He Talks,
He Talks Fast,
Be Sure That Person Keeps Secrets…

& When Someone Asks About You
Although That Person Is Busy,
Be Sure That He Loves You.. ;->

Loss of present is more or less loss of future..!

And that which is lost never comes back the way it existed originally. We should treasure what we possess at that moment. In the lame efforts of getting something higher n much better.. we tend to lose that which we have right now..!!
We have become excessively greedy. Be it about materialistic or non materialistic aspects of our life. And the big thing is we dont wish to return back what we take or get. This greediness doesnt seem to reduce. It increases as the life moves on. In the efforts we are not able to enjoy the present.
What i dont understand is what kind of happiness does that advanced version gives that cannot be experienced in the lesser version. The same happens in case of relations. We tend to expect so much.. i mean to such an extent that the person related gets fed up of us and stops reponding the way we want him/her to. All human suffering springs from unbridled desire. Unless one extricates oneself from the clutch of greed, one will not free himself from the fetters of sorrow.
Lets live life in such a way that every thing that we have gets equal importance(most of the time) and so that we are able to enjoy maximum moments of our life..! The moments lost will never b given to us again.. treasure them…!