She Loves Him…

She loves him…just why doesn’t he understands this?
He says that he loves her…n she knows that he does but then he never expresses it. She waits for him but he never pays attention to all the hours, minutes n seconds that she spent on waiting for just to hear his voice.
She sometimes wonders that may be this is his way of loving her… but then ways do change at least once in a while..may b temporarily.. isn’t it? But then wondering leads to no where. She finds herself waiting as ever..satisfying herself with a bleak response from him at times when he wishes to.
She’s always told to understand his busyness and that definitely a time will come when she will get the love, attention ,care and all that stuff that is shared in such a relation. As the time moves on..she doest do but goes on understanding his priorities more and more just because she feels that this will lead to some golden moments in the near future..!
She does all that is expected from her …but then she is told not to keep any expectations in return just because He may not get time to fulfill them. He says that he loves her…n she knows that he does..!
                                      She has a lot to tell him..she has a lot to share
                                      He has a lot to do..and cannot lend an ear
                                      She loves him thats why she bears it all
                                      In spite of knowing that he wont be there if she falls
                                      He wants some more time all the time
                                      She goes on giving him time without a chime
                                      She doesn’t even knows the outcome of this wait
                                      N accepts Him as if he is her only Fate
                                      She will leave the world just to make him happy
                                      But that doesn’t bothers him and his lappy
                                      She sighhs and tries to keep herself busy
                                      His inconsistent attitude makes her eyes a little fuzzy
                                      Often tears fall down her cheeks
                                      But she brushes them off in wait for happy weeks
                                      She loves him -No matter what the story is
                                      He gloves his feelings – No matter what her pain is….
Still  She Loves Him….

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