The Restless Mee ..!!

Wandering thoughts, at the back of my mind…Forever Restless I Am..!
I am sure this happens with most of us..leave aside the ones who have no emotions, feelings or nothing to share at all..
I sometimes think.. Y cant my mind find peace anywhere…? I mean.. some thoughts or other keeps on going inside it..most of which is never fruitful.. or positive. And as we all know.. Negative thots have a tendecy to enter our minds freely.. they never wait for our pemission to enter our already muddled mind..and make it all the more fuzzy..!
Even if we’re doing something that’s really enjoyable,that doesn’t seem to protect against negative thoughts…
Now.. Its not like if our mind is wandering we only get negative or useless thoughts only…
The heart goes where the head takes it, and neither cares much about the whereabouts of the feet…
Still, even if people are less happy when their minds wander, which causes which? Could the mind-wandering be a consequence rather than a cause of unhappiness? We can see evidence for mind-wandering causing unhappiness, but no evidence for unhappiness causing mind-wandering.. Isnt that so??

Be Here Now ~ this is the toughest part to accomplish… Being there whr we are right now is so importnt, yet so tuf… Y is it so??? Jus y cant we find happiness in the present n always in the memories of past or the plans of the Future…?

When I start thinking about one is rarely in my mind for more than 6-10 secs… No matter how hard I try I cant keep sticking to one thought..I have to consciously make an effort to bring it back to where i am. This inner chaos goes on and on. A sense of well being and the ability to think clearly is destroyed whenever thoughts or feelings are turbulent.
N now i feel quite disturbed by this.. my mind whirling all the time with wanted ..unwanted thoughts… not letting me relax even for a moment….choking up my heart with a strange rush of feelings….
Jus what should i do to gain a little bit of Peace of mind.. Ohh the Peace feels so good… It feels so Good.. I wish I could get a little lucky…Someday!Wandering thoughts, at the back of my mind…Forever Restless I Am..!


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