Who Bothers????

N actually…who bothers??? does anybody ever??? NO..!!
Then why do people think so much??? I know most of the people wont agree with me on this but if we actually ponder over this question majority will end up agreeing. In the present scenario if we analyse people don’t care much about others. No matter how much they pretend, but in reality they don’t care about anyone but themselves and their interests. Some time back.. I used to expect a lot from others..and the others include my friends, family, and others whom I interacted with. This actually affected me a lot. I thought a lot about those people. That led to a lot of heartbreaks and sad moments.
But as I faced those times I learnt a very important lesson from them. I learnt that NO one CARES…!! Everyone is just bothered about their own life. And I dont find that wrong in many ways. I mean the pace at which Life is moving on currently, people are barely able to fulfill their own wishes and desires… why would they spend their time thinking about what’s going on in other’s lives?? You may call this all selfish but a person just cant forget himself for another person (until n unless he/she’s blindly in love with someone).
One other thing is people dont wish to take much load about the ongoings, and specially when most of them are sad stories of their near or dear or far ones even.
They want to enjoy their life without taking unnecessary tensions and worries.Even I dont bother much. Life has given me so much to do and look after. If I waste all my time in caring about consistent crybabies, I would land no where. Caring in a limited way will always happen…no doubt and that too without even giving any instructions. But if people expect that they should be thought of every single moment…they will end up disappointing themselves. Life your life… make friends.. face the joys and sorrows with equal fervor… Care and you will be cared about..!! But don’t bother about people so much that it eats you up because no matter how much you bother about others… They Don’t…!!!

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