Wordless Monday…!

Ok… So I guess Monday has become such an important issue in my life that I am so very inspired to write about its greatness… !!
N Dear Monday, please dont take that greatness which i am talking about in a positive way..! I have never seen such an evil day like YOU..!!!
Now.. we all hate Mondays.. I dont know the exact reason but we do hate Mondays…!
After an awesome or even non awesome weekend we would never like to see the face of Monday.On sunday nights you can’t concentrate on anything. Your mind gets saturated with the thought of getting up early and commuting with the great and the unwashed tomorrow morning to embark on another week of drudgery and bullshit. 
At the very thought of waking on Mondays, I feel like going and hiding my face in some deep pit(like an ostrich) when at least I pretend that nobody’s going to find me out.
Those few people who feel good on Mondays.. I dont know what to say about them…! I guess they belong to some altogether different n abnormal species of humans and are not much accepted in the normal species. 

Scientists say that Mondays would feel better if we stop sleeping in on weekends… My dear scientists, whatever gave you this idea was very fake… n lame too..!
On this evil day, I never feel like working and sleep doesn’t seems to part away from me. It feels irritating the whole day. The mere mention of Mondays make me furious.
Most of the people react to Mondays in a terrible manner. Here are some of the reactions that I noticed :
1) The weekend went by so quicklyI can’t believe 
2) Its f@#king Monday again
3) There has got to be an easier way than this
4) I want to throw up
5) I wonder if Bill Gates feels like this?
6) I don’t want to think about it
7) I just want to die
8) Damn Its Monday again….
9) I just wish this monday is erased from the calender(dats my fav statement for Mondays).
Well… Monday sucks!! thats very true.. N what I dont understand is that why is a week supposed to include Mondays in it? Why cant this day be swiped off this Universe? 
These are some questions that I’d like to have answers to.. but I know I cant have it as long as this planet is present. I hate Mondays so much that if I get a chance I would put it to a terribly torturous death.
Writing down all this about this day feels like I actually unburdened myself a little bit.Of course the feeling wont go entirely. Mondays have that power to affect me, rather most of us in a negative way !! 
In the end I would just pray to god that he listens to our prayers and make this Monday disappear forever..!
I Hate You Monday!!


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