Mona Darling… ;)

The Mona Lisa – Masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci is the most famous painting in the history of art. The painting is a half-length portrait and depicts a seated woman with an enigmatic face and a mysterious smile.

Now.. everything else technical and non technical about Mona can be read on Wikipedia. The reason I have included her in this blog is due to the observation that Monalisa’s face is sooo versatile that it can be molded as per one’s wish. Her face has been modified in various and funny ways. Although Mona cannot be considered as a beautiful woman,she certainly has that charm on her face.. n thanks to Vinci..that he captured that charm and glow in his painting. It wont fade away.

Hmmm.. so the main thing to b included in this article is Monalisa in different forms..! As I was going through Monalisa’s pics yesterday.. I found some really funny pics related to her.I would like to share them over here.

1) Monalisa smoking a pipe..!
Ok lets start with this one. This copy was created by Eugène Bataille. Not much info about the person..and I also dint care to look out for him.
2) Monalisa with a moustache and gotee ..!
This copy was created in 1919, by Marcel Duchamp, one of the most influential modern artists, by adorning reproduction with a moustache and a goatee. Poor Mona. How she must have felt seeing herself in another gender..!
3) Monalisa Relaxing..!

Hahaha.. this is funny. I liked this one a lot. Mona is relaxing quite supremely with her hands in another pose i.e behind her head ..n hey here we come to know that she has legs too. She decides to show them off finally 😉 n guys after all she must also have felt hot n sweaty down there. So this is I guess the best pose she could relax in!! N look at the way she’s smiling… mannn.. sexy she is 😉

4)Monalisa wearing a witch’s hat..!
Doesn’t she looks like Professor Magonical?? Yea…Professor Magonical teaches at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who has more or less the same hat that our Mona is having. Her hair also have been styled by, I guess the then most famous beautician. All in all.. its a nice get up 🙂

 5) Monalisa as Jack Sparrow..!

Ahaa.. so.. Our Mona is sooo very attracted by our very own sexy Pirate Mr. Jack Sparrow that she changed her look to his looks 😉 Actually its more like Sparrow has rented her looks… the creation is too good I must say..!

6) Jack Sparrow as Monalisa..!
Haha.. I guess now we can make out the attraction between the two.. 😉 Isnt it? This time the pirate decided to look like Mona ! N yea.. he succeeded to a large extent.

7) Mr.Beans as Monalisa..!

Here we find another admirer of Monalisa. Mr.Beans..ahhh.. ye sahab jo na karien wo kam lagta hai 😉
His face is so very funny… n just look at that teddy bear in his..sorry her.. sorry his.. ohhh.. so confused I am now… 😉 anyways that teddy is also looking surprised .. mmm ..actually more like shocked in Mr.Beans’ urf Monalisa’s hands..!

 8) Monalisa in Goggles..!
She’s looking like Mona darling in real terms in this new avatar of hers. I am sure that Salman would feel so low looking at her goggles and when compared to the ones from Dabanng movie.. hehe..! Cool avatar Mona.. keep it up 😉

9) Mona…parda hai parda..!

Hey Mona..This pic of yours reminds me of that famous song “parda hai parda..parda hai parda.. parde k e peechhe pardanasheen hai.. ” but then looking at that look in your eyes… i feel like humming another song by Asha ji “Parde me rehne do..parda na hatao..Parda jo uth gaya to phir…” … Woman.. you look mysterious in this new pose of yours.Your eyes… giving some secret ishaare… to ur admirers 😉
Well..this was a spontaneous post. The idea just came in my mind and lo it is here..! Monalisa never was so fascinating for me. I guess her smile did some magic on me too… 🙂
N yea.. Mona darling, I am happy to see that I have you in my blog 😀

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