That one person…

There is always that one person who affects me in so may ways.. actually there are so many one persons who affect me in various ways. Some make me happy..some make me cry… but mostly …make me happy at the beginning…i dont know how it leads to some tears as time goes on… or as it nears the end.
That one person who smiles at you in the beginning… or that one person who makes faces at you at the first look… !! But there is always that one person whom we are never able to forget.
That one person who loves us.. who thinks we are his/her life… then that one person who doesn’t even know that we exist but we are so much in love with him/her.
That one person who hates us to no extent… and that one person whom we feel like punching hard whenever we see him/her. These one persons are what make us who we are. No matter how much we stress on the thoughts like “i am me.. i don’t live according to anybody else.. i have my own rules..” n all that… we always have that one person who invades our thoughts.
Sometimes you need just that one person who will let you talk and ramble, listen to you complain and look like an idiot..but still love you all the same.
Sometimes that one person makes all the difference. Its just that one person whom you miss even if you are surrounded by your loved ones.
Sometimes its just that one person whom you hate so much is the one whom you want to be with, so desperately.
That one person…who is always pleased and supports you when you do something that interests you… and even if the whole world is against you.
I actually feel blessed to have so may one persons in my life who cater to my mood swings all the time 🙂
I am sure you guys must also have that one person in your life whom you would never ever like to let go… or forget.
In the end..that one person… who makes or breaks you… will always be present in your life… tend to that person well.. because if you let go of that one person.. you wont land anywhere.. are right I am talking about “YOU”..! 🙂

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