and then it rained..

“this wet thing called rain had an art..

that some found as a disaster and some as a new start…”

The clouds rolled in…

and my soul started to spin…

It rained..

washing away all over me..

drenching me to the core..

soothing everything that was sore…

blessing my heart, my mind and my soul..

the raindrops fell down and pooled up..

drop by drop they filled my cup..

I watched myself getting wet…

and an unspoken freedom was all that I felt…

it poured harder n harder..

and with each raindrop…

I sensed great ardor…

I watched it leaking through the roof…

and dripping through the leaves..

and as it fell down passing my fingertips..

my heart opened up as it washed away all my griefs..

I silently watched my private show…

and let the clouds of ecstasy  flow…

Happiness dawned over ..

And I smiled at myself  as a satiated rover..!!


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