People change.. and so do priorities..

So.. People have priorities..hmm. Definitely they have. Even I have. I have some people as priorities, for whom i am more like an option.. It hurts.. you know? Now suggestions would come as ” leave those people” ,”concentrate on yourself” and all such stuff… So lemme tell you.. Ruining my life is in my hands… I did that and now making up is also in my hands.. so I will have to do that no matter what. Anyways.. this was complicated.. mm… nd rubbish too..!

Coming back to priorities. What are they? They are the conditions when one thing is regarded as more important than other thing. This happens with all of us most of the time. We prioritize our tasks, our ways, our likes and dislikes, people, and even relations..

At some point you start seeing the difference between what you really want, and what is your priority order… when you start listing people who you want in your life, people who you don’t want in your life and then people who you want in your life but only for your own convenience. The first two are fine…they know their standing. But the last category is the one that has actually no standing at all. They are the ones who would be used when needed.. and thrown when their use is over. When this happens, some people of third category run away..break free..wake up when they realize this… but some are emotional fools who think that sticking to you would be better…that the condition will change…that a time will come when they would be placed in first category. These people are hopelessly hopeful. They know they are risking their time n efforts but still they would do just anything to come in the first category. God bless them!

And those who keep a third category are the worst people in this world. They should rot in hell. Yes they should. They never think that they are literally playing with the emotions, feelings, respect that others have for them. M saying all this because for some people I come in the third category. And those people are the ones whom I cant ignore. I just cant. But they have perfected the art of dismissing it seems. They reject as if I am not fit to be used even once…after all that they have used me. Once..long time back I used to be in the first category and then I journeyed long enough landing myself in the third one. Sighhh..

Anyways times change.. and with it change people.. also changing their priorities. As I am no longer in the priority list.. I am lost. I don’t know the direction to which I head myself . Right now I want to be alone. I want to clear up my mind. And would take this resolution that i would never have third category people in my life. Either they would be in first or in second.

Last but not the least.. I hate Those people with 3rd category in their life. I hate them and they should die a terrible death. Yes!!!




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