no name post – 2

I don’t know.. but I am restless.. I am..yes I am.. lets figure it so yes.. I saw something.. and I felt bad about it. What did i see? I saw someone bitching about me. That someone is the one who is kind of close to me. I actually never expected this.. but I also don’t trust them totally. For some anonymity reasons..lets call that someone as ABC. ok? hmm.ok. So.. i saw this ABC bitching something about me.. i don’t know that something.. but they were definitely saying something about me.. and I dint feel good about this. Now.. I may sound immature.. but how would you feel.. if you trust a person at least 80% , you share almost everything with them.. and then they do like this? hmm? bad no? that’s what.. i also felt bad. I am restless . What i don’t understand is ..why do people pretend. Why??? ABC pretends as if they are always right. In reality.. I am highly irritated because of ABC. ABC is just too complaining.. too smart(even when smartness is not needed), always finding fault with every silly and non-silly thing..and the list goes on. I kind of hate them. I secretly wish that ABC learns a lesson for their doings. Double faced bitch.. that’s what she is!! Yes!!

I don’t care as such. But still its moving on in my mind.. Attachments lead to heartbreaks..may be not immediately.. but one day they definitely show their true colors. I mean i know you would say something optimistic about attachments.. but I never got anything good out f them. Honestly. may b i don’t deserve the goodness.. but all in all.. at some point of your life..even you would agree that they make you weak and you are not ready to face the sudden loss. Just like the one i faced today. I am in no position to stand up and tell that person about her deed.. at the same time I’d like to vent it all and also that she gets to know that she can never be a good friend, that she cant be relied upon..ever. I’ve lost my faith in her. Anyways.. I should get used to this now. Its not the first time.. and it surely wont be the last. So..I should just leave it. Yes.I should. Just so that i get back my piece of peace of mind back!!! Tc people. 


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