It so happened that night…

Uh well.. Here is what happened that night. This incident happened some 3 years back..and I still cant forget it. In fact, I actually never want to forget this.. 😛 My love for horror movies increased a hundred thousand folds after this incident. So what happened is :

I got the DVD for the movie “The Ring-1” from my and as far as I remember..the clock was ticking 11.30 pm. I was super excited to watch the movie and could not wait till the next day..that is next morning..when chances of getting afraid are less 😛 .. So when my Mom and sis went to bed(Dad wasn’t home) and it was quiet all around..I put the DVD in the player and the movie started. Now.. I wont go into the other details..I would just state the main scene. The story is like if you watch that particular videotape..a phone call would come to you on the 7th day..and then you’ll die. Two girls were discussing about the same. Suddenly the phone rings. Terrified..they go downstairs and receive the call. To MY relief & also to theirs relief the phone call was from their mom. After attending the of them girls come to the room where she finds the TV on..without proper display. She switches it off..BUT then it switches itself on..on its own :O . Surprised..she switches off the TV again and it ons itself again..AND..just when the TV ons itself the second time .. the lights of my room.. mind it.. lights of MY ROOM ONLY..go off. As this happens.. the beats of my heart.. stop for some 5 seconds..(that’s when I learnt the importance of seconds too!) I was like.. paralyzed. My whole house was drowned in darkness..except that TV inside my TV, displaying nothing but that rainy effect.. I was sooooo frightened.. and I dont know what got me the strength to get up and try to switch on the light. I guess that was one moment when I took the names of all Gods in one go and with full faith. Somehow i switched on the lights and with great bravery switched off the TV.. Phewwww.. Goshhh.. I ran to the temple in our house and took the small Ganesh ji. With great difficulties I calmed myself and went to bed. I was like.. as if that ghost from the TV was watching me from somewhere. That night I huddled as close to my sister as never before. I barely slept. hah! Some experience that was.. I would never ever be able to forget..Nevertheless I saw the whole movie next day..with my sis..who added to the fun and fear..I love horror movies and I loved the experience as much..that rush of excitement..well..that was just wow.. Yeap 😉 😀


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