My school days…

I miss those days..when I could be me..

without any care in the world..

always jolly and free..

when teachers were like second mothers..

and there was not a worry about others..

that cycling to school in haste..

And still getting late..

that hifiving the friends..who met the same fate..

Giggling throughout the lecture..

then getting punished for the same..

and relishing it as if its a pleasure..

that having lunch before lunch break..

and then rushing towards canteen..

I miss those evenings that were..

piled high with homeworks followed by beatings..

those moments of panic in exams..

and then filling the answer sheets by cheating…

Those bright mornings and the colorful evenings..

that made my life amazing..

Those were the finest days of my life..

I can never forget them..nor do I want to strive..

I miss my school days..I miss my past..

Oh Yes..I miss my School Days.. I miss my Life..

PS : I don’t think anyone can forget their school days ever. The fun that we experience, the love and friendship that we share, the learning that we imbibe from our teachers is just incomparable. Thinking about those good old days makes me nostalgic.. and I am sure the same happens to you too. 

This post came up cz today is Teacher’s day. I could not resist myself from expressing the long chained feelings and today they kicked hard enough to come out as a poem. Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers …who are directly or indirectly involved in our growth as a person and as a human being!! 🙂


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