Dressing up according to days…

The days of the week regulate our lives.

So.. here we are. I am actually writing this post to pen down my thoughts, on how dressing up affects the days and vice versa. For me dressing up according to the day makes the day better and less bearable. Donno bout you guys.. but I thought of sharing my ideology on this..

—— ——- ——- —— :

Monday : I feel one should get dressed up in their best attire on Mondays. I feel so because.. Monday is the worst day of the week and.. to avoid that feel, good clothes play an important role. They make us feel systematic in at least some way 😛 So.. dress up your best on this day!

Tuesday : This is a day about which one shudnt be so bothered. Something trendy would go on this day. Something colorful..yes.. that should shoo away the melancholy and a feel of  disturbance to a great length.

Wednesday : Now.. this day is so much like Monday…I feel if anyone comes in their night dress also.. it would suffice. Wednesdays are such a waste..of everything and anything. It actually isnt so much needed in a week. I feel it enjoys its power just too much and I find it as a heartless day. Yes. So..mm..just a middle finger wont help. we need to dress up quite badly on this day. Ok? Ok.

Thursday : Now.. this is one highly neglected day. I feel pity on it sometimes. Its useless..more or less. So.. one should dress up as per their wish on this day. No particular outfit.. just the one that you feel like.. that you lay your eyes upon the first time in that day. Thursday gets satisfied in that much.

Friday : And ..here comes the big day. FRIDAY. .the most awaited and loved day of the week. Now..I feel, on this day one should wear informals…the most comfortable wear. You know? that chic types 😉 The one that makes you look hot and cool at the same time..that makes your work look like fun! Friday calls for freedom ya.. and freedom should be given due attention!

Saturday : Although this day has lost its importance in my life due to various nonsense reasons, but for most of you out there this day still holds a special place. I feel one should wear semi formals on this day.. preferably black.  It makes the day look well..mm…balanced..and well managed. Somehow.

Sunday : Well.. I guess the most comfy clothes are reserved for this day. I feel…. burmudas or sleeveless apparel is better suited on Sundays. That way one feels free..and not chained up like the other days of the week.

Now..these were my personal opinions. And somehow I feel that you readers would find the post a lil weird. But I couldnt help it.. had to write it down. I would be happy if you are able to relate all this at some point of time!

The days of the week regulate our lives..isnt it? 😉

Have a nice day people ..tc!


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