No name post (3)

Now.. Just why do you feel bad if I am not responding the way you wish me to? I dont want to respond you in your way. Why should I? AND..if I am not behaving as per your standards..its none of your problems..Ok? Its wholly and solely my problem. You are no where responsible for this.

People get sad..they sulk.. they create scene.. they cry ..they fight… but then what all that people do is not always your problem no? They should be left alone …on their own.. at least for some time. They were the ones who got into this they should be..and they ARE the only ones who can solve their problems. No matter how much you try to manipulate them or make them think that their life is a bowl of cherries all the time.. they wont even listen to you. They wont.. cz they dont want your advice. They dont want you to become impatient and sulk more than them..and that too when the problem is theirs. If you cant listen or understand them..then please, dont bury your nose in their business.. AND.. dont blame yourself again.. about their sorry condition there after. Cz no one’s going to look after you if you also open your box of self created woes.


PS : This post is created as a result of dealing with so many such people who in place of consoling me, try and make me lead my life as per their advice. They try to burden me with favors..unnecessarily. I cant stand such people. I want them to take care f their own business and leave me alone. I know how to handle myself.. I know my mistakes and I know how to correct them..!


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