So many books, so little time.

“So many books, so little time.”
― Frank Zappa

Temme bout it. Time just flies away. These days life has become so busy, I rarely get time to look at myself properly. I wake up, get ready and off to office… slogging till 10 hours ..then Garba practice.. finally I reach home at 9.30 pm.. in a half dead state. My family has since long accepted me as a visiting member of the house. I dont deny the my schedule has been the same since I started my job. Now you see..Time is a big factor in my life.. and m sure its the same with all those who are working. It doesn’t matter if I am married or not.. I still have so much work.. apart from office. Weekends are never enough for completing the pending tasks. I said..there is so much to read. Lemme tell you..I LOVE BOOKS. I eat them, drink them, I breathe them. Seriously. When I was in school..I read books daily.. and it never bothered me if exams were going on or not. I always kept a book with me..apart from course books that is. My dad scolded me a lot about this.. apparently I got this reading thing in me from him only.. what irony..heh! At college it was less hectic.. so I got to read books easily.. there was a lot f free time.. and I utilized it by reading.. books books books 😀 ..they make me smile..The long bookshelves… the libraries.. books piled high… Goshhh.. Books excite me to no extent!!!

In spite of having so much time to read when in college, I thought that once I get settled with job n all.. I’ll be able to read without any issues.. no studies.. no tension. But now.. when I check my routine and the time spent.. I find that I have read so little as compared to the reading that I did before. I feel bad and sad both. I feel that I am losing something. I search for more n more new books..and I find so many books that I have not read.. books that I want to read so badly..I download them ebooks. I have so many of them.. that I’ve lost the count. Many of them have been read and still much more are left to be read. Still I search for new books daily.. and I find so many new books again. One look at them..n I feel this strong urge to leave everything .. everything materialistic and get all those books.. find someplace far away where no one knows me.. where its just me, my books and coffee! 😀 Sounds yummylicious.. this whole set up.

But sighh. As it is rightly said.. we spent all our life to build a good life for us.. and then we are totally spent as we reach the goal. I have so many books lined up right now and I have just no time to read them. I feel its injustice to them.. and my soul too.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway.  Yes.. Books are my best friends. I believe no one can take their place ever. I can be with them and I don’t feel the need for anyone else. I cannot live without books..!! They are the destination, and the journey. They are home…


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