Doomsday.. indeed an interesting thought to write upon.

I wrote this because I was told to write upon THE DOOMSDAY – THE APOCALYPSE.

This is something about which many predictions.. and all false ones, have been made on. I don’t know from where do people get such an idea and that their ideas are spread like fire in a matter of secs. Recently when this rumor spread that on 21st May we all would die, I thought, would that really happen..? I literally waited for the moment.. I wanted to know how would all this end. I was excited.. a lil.. but then it dint happen..  as usual. 😐 It was never talked about again. A new doomsday is prophesied by some Idiot, acc to which this world would come to end in 2012. Let’s wait for one more year.. A little patience wont harm!

Now.. back to our post. Initially I wasn’t much interested in it but then I was asked a direct question – What all would you like to do if there is just an hour left in your death.. just an hour after which you would be no more??. Something clicked.. in my mind…I seriously thought upon that then. I found it as a good idea to pen down my thoughts about the same in this blog. Here they are .. shared with you all.

Well, If I encounter this day, some day.. which I wish should come soon.. cz life is being bitchy a lil too much.
So.. Doomsday would be good in a way.. cz the whole world would be witnessing it and not just few people. As its related to nature.. I believe their would be no inequality 🙂 Now.. it depends that what kind of tragedy befalls on what region and how many people.

When it comes to me.. In the last hour of my life.. I’d like to collect all my books(I LOVE BOOKS), my phone along with earphones, I’d like to kiss my beloved for the last time and after that I’d just like to be with my family..specially my sis.
And and and.. I’d definitely tweet about this.. that m gonna die next hour people.. tc and tweet while you can!! 😉

Now.. on the thought of saving my life.. this may sound a lil weird. I’d do my best to save my loved ones.. but my life.. well as I mentioned above.. life being a bitch n all.. I would be happy dying. Just that when I die.. I should be reading books and eating a grilled cheese veg sandwich! 😀 Ahaa! yummylicious death 😉 I would not ask for any help and stuff in order to save myself. i would accept death as it comes.

People.. I would just like to say that accept death as and when it comes.. cz you never know..if you are the one who’s left alone.. undead.. there’s gonna be a helluva time for you.. you being hurt and alone and lost in this big world with no where to go.. and bodies and mess all around.. No one to tend to you.. and then you wish that you could also have died. Death doesn’t comes to those who beg for it..
Now.. you may be given the responsibility of creating a brand new world.. of clearing the mess and you ending up asking for an Eve/Adam for yourself in order to fuck around and reproduce more assholes…again. In person.. I’d never like that to happen.. I’d like everyone to die.. and I’d like that the history be rewritten..the old history included the making of earth. This new history shall include.. how gods cleared up the mess that they created once.

So. this is how I’d like the doomsday to be.. People should die while enjoying their lives and not while trying to save something that’s bound to be finished some day. And especially when they are at the advantage of knowing that they are going to die.. why saving? Do animals save? Do they run around collecting everything in boxes and saving for later.. in case they are alive.. No.. they don’t. Same way..I would be neutral all along.. in-spite of some anxiety.. I’d like myself to be fine and fearless. 🙂

I wish all goes well with you guys out there on a doomsday. I wish everyone dies a peaceful death and that there should not be anyone left alone on such a special occasion! Everyone should die while witnessing it! I mean it! Njoy the day people.. you may not be alive to experience it again! 🙂

Thank you and Tc!


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