Sita sings the Rama sets the rules..

The greatest break-up story ever told.

It intersperses events from the Ramayana in the form of animation. An excellent must watch movie it is.

Everyone knows the story of Ramayana. Of Ram and Sita and Hanuman and Ravana. Dussehra just went by and Diwali is the next attraction. People have already gotten busy in making preparations to welcome Lord Rama. Lord Rama – Maryada Purushottam as he is not-so-rightly called. Now why do I say this? To check out the answer people must watch “Sita sings the blues”.

According to me..Lord Rama was no maryada purushottam. No doubt he loved and cared about Sita a lot and created history that no man has ever dared to change, by rescuing his wife from the clutches of Ravana, but what I was thinking is.. that where did his love go when he decided to mistrust Sita when she fell pregnant? Big thing? He doubts his wife upon hearing one of his subordinates beat his consort and say that he could not trust her because he has been living with another man since long.. Who knows about the father of the child!!! I.Was.Stunned. Honestly, I never thought that Lord Rama would leave Sita on listning to just anybody and that he had no brains of his own.

Just as the film rolls on I notice that Sita does everything in her power and capability to make Rama see that she was as loyal to him as before. Why did this situation arise? How could Rama mistrust here without knowing the truth or listening to her pleas?  How could he rule his so called Ram Rajya without his wife or you can say without his better half ? Dint he ever miss her? Dint he ever realize how big a mistake he committed?  It wasnt Sita’s fault if Ravana trapped her.

AND.. look at his daring? As soon as he gets to know that those two lads(when their voice reaches him in forest) are his sons, he is all ready to put his claim upon them when, in reality, it was their mother who raised the boys, bearing all the hardships, lamenting for her husband’s love all along. He comes, he shows his surprise, he claims and he still tells Sita to prove that she’s innocent? Such nerve this guy had. Now.. the Q arises that how come he believes instantly that they are his own sons, when long time back he turned his wife out of  his house in such a critical condition doubting that she was pregnant from another guy? How come!?

You see. Lord Rama, no matter how good a king he was, no matter that he was worshiped cz of his deeds.. but if we see into the deep.. he was a bad HUSBAND and father. Very bad. (Now, I cant use cuss words for him cz no matter what I say he is still a God.)  After his decisions and doings  how can anyone call him Maryada Purshottam?

I dont know.. but to be honest I have lost my faith in him after watching the truth. Yes. You do good on the outer front when in the inside, you just close your mind and heart both. How does that make you a good person at all, considering you God is a far thing. Anyways..I think I wrote this post because this all was going on in my mind since long. I was kind of disturbed. Sita finally had to attempt suicide due to her husband’s insensitive attitude towards her. Mother earth was caring enough to give her shelter.

Being Sita was no easy task I tell you. But as Lord Rama ruled the hearts of his people, it clearly shows that it was just those 14 years that he had to endure.. rest of his life was easy enough. Sita suffered every hardship and did not complain ever. What did she get? Now I feel.. Ravana would have made a better least he would have respected her.I know people out there may object to this but this is it. Blindly following religion and the stories behind, one cannot and/or should not overlook the more important facts. Why does the society wants its women to be like Sita? Just because she was a die hard pativrata who took every nonsense blame on herself just to please her hard headed husband. Of course times have changed a little, but then again, they’ve changed only a little. No doubt Sita was a good wife and mother, but the only flaw with her was that she was not smart. Women definitely deserve respect but not when they show that they are weak and pitiful, respect may be gained only when they themselves get to realize their own worth.

Whooosh!  I should wrap up the post now. Many of you may not like this.. but it is what it is! Its a free country. Respect or abuse.. Life goes on..Rama went on setting the rules.. and Sita was left behind to sing the blues!!

Tc People!



  1. I can agree with you on the uninteresting [art but only 1 %.. By the end it may get a little monotonous but that’s not the main issue. The issue is about women. No matter how good a man is, a woman always has to give the agnipariksha to prove herself perfect..all the time.


  2. I have watched that animated video, and i didn’t found much into it. I found it uninteresting. But the story behind the clip(how they made it) is more interessting. The plight of sita was one more version of ramayan for me, which can be aptly reflected upon in current times.


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