Nights are beautiful..

Nights are beautiful..Dont you think so?

When sun goes down the horizon

and stars shine upon us..

when birds go to their nest

and the world sets to rest..

when everything is peaceful and calm

that is when..

feathers of memories come and lay on my palm..

my thoughts wander aimlessly..

and sometimes they linger on

that one moment namelessly..

Night..takes in all of my imaginations..

my feelings and my emotions..without any reactions..

It takes in my tears takes in my fears..

It sets me free.. from a way

that I feel…It’s the happiest way to be…

Night is cant be changed..

Its something very beautiful that God has arranged..

Had night been very small or none at all..

There would  have been no moments to fall upon..

Night is what makes me alive..

Night is where my dreams thrive..

Night is beautiful.. night is to celebrate..

the bits and instants that we wish to forget..

Night is to remember.. night is to cry..

Night is to fly high.. with an unexplained joy..

And again I start to whine..

Night is so beautiful..night is so mine..

Night is so divine..night is so mine..

——– ——— ——— ——— ———


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