So much for supernatural stuff..

Books on Vampires or so called ‘bloodsuckers’ is not new in the market. It has a long history. But I feel topics like Vampires, werewolves, etc gained momentum after Stephanie Mayor wrote Twilight Series. I read those books. I found them good enough. Initially I was in love with the story line along with its characters. But as everything goes by the law of diminishing returns, now I am more like neutral about the whole Edward-Bella stuff.

Now..what I wish to focus upon is, the books that came after Twilight. There are like uncountable books being written currently in the category of  teen romance that includes all such supernatural creatures. Its like, supernaturalism has become the favorite topic to write upon, for most established, non-established and upcoming if they know the current wave that is flowing all around and want to make money and fame both, while the wave is still up and roaring.

After completing Twilight series, I moved on to The House of Night series by P.C Cast. But I did not find the books captivating enough. Reasons may be, it was more like junk, more of sex and crude stuff, use of slang was too much and the characters were not so into the story. Everything was just running. Then I thought of trying Vampire Dairies. As per me, the series is just fail. It may be a smash hit on the TV..but as a book, I would never ever recommend anyone to read it. To be honest, I could not complete even the 1st part properly. The stuff was repetitive, boring and not worth reading. The characters were so hollow that they could not bind me even half way. I also tried reading other similar books , but they are not even worth remembering.

Dracula was the original, I believe. The Ann Rice novels may also be considered good but not more then that. Twilight came up as something different, fresh in the category. But it ended with the last part of the series. No such similar books have made proper impact on the readers. They are just full of cheap romance, useless conversations, unnecessary usage of f word and stuff. The story lines are only a little different from each other and  totally uninteresting. The new authors are trying to customize these super natural creatures in their own ways that are not appealing at all. Above all, movies and serials are being produced for all such series. As if people have lost their own original ideas and find such books as a good medium to get all the material needed to make it a commercial hit in the market. Also, it looks like authors these days dont write for readers, they write only to make money, to come in limelight, to sell their writings as a script to movie makers. I wonder where they come up with such bizarre ideas to write upon.

What ever happened to those thick books that came in single volume and dint let the readers move away from the super exciting events that ran in the mind like a movie, even for a second? The classic touch that glowed from the books earlier seems to have vanished somewhere. I don’t find it anymore. All I get to see is a non human creature, either good or bad, having a twisted love story and a disturbing past along with an army of different, difficult to understand kinda enemies. Its kind of sad. This is not writing, this is not what they call as literature. Anyways, I wrote this post to express my views on the increasing  rubbish that we get to read these days, and what takes the form of success in a few days known as national/international bestsellers. Donno bout you guys, but I don’t seem to get along well with the stuff that’s being read these days in the name of books or writings.

Alright..this was random. I just hope that I get to read some read-able book on the similar topic soon. Being a human and that too a girl, Edward has definitely left his impact on me that doesn’t seems to go away easily. 😉 So.

I’ll be back with something else to crib upon soon! Read books. Enjoy life. Take good care and Keep smiling!!


I’m drawing boxes and rectangles.

Hmm.. Yeah. I do that all the time. In my mind. On the paper. Anywhere. Everywhere. I sometimes wonder why I don’t draw circles. May be cz they require curves. Curves are tough..somehow. Tough as in they are not straight. They require efforts and skills. Skills need use of brains. Use of brains involve a lot of thinking that is restricted only till curves..till something that ends according to itself and does not leaves any scope for further strikes.  Somehow it does not make me feel free or complete or empty. So, I draw boxes and rectangles.

With boxes and rectangles, its easy. I use straight lines. We all do. I make a box, and when its complete..I repeatedly complete the same box. I don’t need to make a new box or some new object to complete it, meaning I do not need to make any extra efforts and I feel non-stressed..self ruling in a way. You see, drawing boxes and rectangles is easy. It makes one feel liberated. I sometimes rub them lines so much that it tears the page. The thought process blasts. Finally.

Now..I make them drawings almost all the time. In my mind. Rarely on paper. Actually, I need to have my own time when drawing on paper. And it should be random, spontaneous. Unplanned is better. Unplanned is what works. When working also, I draw them(again, in my mind). I cant wait for solitude to draw them. I draw them again, at night when I go to bed. This is the time when it goes uninterrupted. While making patterns and rubbing the lines repeatedly I get so may thoughts at one time. I keep on rubbing the lines, I keep on thinking, thinking, then brushing away some thoughts, making space for new reflections, sometimes smiling, sometimes sulking, at times crying away and many a times letting them linger on. The lines become darker. This all exhausts me. And empties my mind. When the pages finally stop taking in the rubbings and give away, I let sleep take over. A dreamless one. I love dreamless sleeps.

Ha! Drawing boxes is fun..interesting..exhausting..liberating. Do that. Free yourself once in a that you are able to move on to the next!

Tc  Always!!

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Insanity. That is what the world needs today. Yes.

She waited and waited and waited. No one came. She drank innumerable cups of coffee. No one came. She collected herself and moved out. As she stepped out, twilight welcomed her. Breathing in the evening breeze that bought along with it, a faint scent of lilacs and roses. Ahh..this was refreshing. It cleared her mind a little. She started walking. She kept walking. She still had some distance to cover before reaching her home. Enjoying the cool breeze and setting sun, she decided she could savor it while she could. Slowing down a little, she took a look around. What she saw was, what she hadn’t noticed till now was, that, the road that daily took her home was lined by trees on both sides. They were laden with yellow and orange  flowers, the gentle wind caressing them was making them blush and glow in the dim light. She smiled. After a long time. She stood there, under the lamp post, watching around..people went on. Some nodded at her, some smiled and some frowned..haha..she laughed at that old man who seemed to disapprove of a girl standing alone. He was cute. She waited. No one came. After a while, she moved on. It was getting cold now. It looked like snowfall was about to begin. She now wanted to get home as soon as possible. Still, she took her own time reaching home.

Amid all this, she somehow forgot about the so called date that was supposed to happen that eve. It was going to be their last meet, where they decided to end their relation, a relation that had taken the shape of burden. It was time that they set each other free. Well, he did not come. He must’v been busy. The last date could not happen. All those previous times,when he got late, she would call his cellphone endless times till he came. But today, she just waited. And, no one came. She left.

As she had anticipated, it had started to snow. Usually she didn’t like snow. But today she welcomed it. The snowflakes had decorated her enough when she reached her apartment. Switching on the lights, she sat on the couch. The same couch where they had made love many a times. That was over now. She felt nothing. After a long long time her home felt inviting, warm and peaceful. She slowly got up and sliding curtains, opened the window.

Night, lights and snowfall. It looked lovely. She smiled. Again. Past 3 years reeled in her mind. She felt something, that lasted for some 5 secs. She closed her eyes. Nothing mattered anymore. No more wait, no more issues, no more meets to solve those issues. She had let go. She felt free.

Her phone rang. Repeatedly. But she was more engrossed in the song that was playing behind, Someone like you by Adele.

Never mind, I’ll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don’t forget me, I beg
I remember you said,
“Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.”
Love happens, Love hurts, Love ends. Life begins…

Hello November!

Hello November! Its been long.

Ahh..I like you, not because you are a new month.. but also cz you bring winters. I love winters. I love the trees without leaves. I love the raw-ness of the surroundings…when everything stale.. everything that seems like a burden at this point of year..moves on..sheds away to make place for the young..the new..the fresh. I love the soothing gloom that gradually sets in, slowing down the speed of life in various unexplained ways.

So.. a new month.. new wishes, that I know wont be rantings and this,new post.

Winter helps me handle my moods pretty easily. I don’t have to make any extra efforts to blend in with something that is unlike me.. that is lively and super energetic. Cz in winters, everything automatically sets in a straight line..without caring much about bumps and pits in the way. I tend to become less careful. In fact I stop caring about most of the things.. about work.. about people(specially). And I start caring more and more about me, me and me.. and of course books and coffee too, they and me being a never separating package! This is the time when being detached from everything/one does not feel awkward and bad. It feels better to be be in my own comfort zone.

With this new month, new feelings and thoughts have started to seep in.. ones that drain out all my happiness and fill me with anxiety. I guess by the month end I’ll be used to them. But the all time dread that pops up anytime..usually staying for longer periods..makes me feel like leaving everything right at this moment and go away somewhere least for a few days..where I can gather myself back.

Now.. feeling so much about coming days is exhausting me. I need to get back to reality. Sigh. Anyways.. M looking forward to my days 🙂 When it would be just me and me and me…and winters! yayy! 😀 Alright.. enough of this.. A very happy November to all you readers out there! Njoy Winters! Tc.