Hello November!

Hello November! Its been long.

Ahh..I like you, not because you are a new month.. but also cz you bring winters. I love winters. I love the trees without leaves. I love the raw-ness of the surroundings…when everything stale.. everything that seems like a burden at this point of year..moves on..sheds away to make place for the young..the new..the fresh. I love the soothing gloom that gradually sets in, slowing down the speed of life in various unexplained ways.

So.. a new month.. new wishes, that I know wont be fulfilled..new rantings and this,new post.

Winter helps me handle my moods pretty easily. I don’t have to make any extra efforts to blend in with something that is unlike me.. that is lively and super energetic. Cz in winters, everything automatically sets in a straight line..without caring much about bumps and pits in the way. I tend to become less careful. In fact I stop caring about most of the things.. about work.. about people(specially). And I start caring more and more about me, me and me.. and of course books and coffee too, they and me being a never separating package! This is the time when being detached from everything/one does not feel awkward and bad. It feels better to be away..to be in my own comfort zone.

With this new month, new feelings and thoughts have started to seep in.. ones that drain out all my happiness and fill me with anxiety. I guess by the month end I’ll be used to them. But the all time dread that pops up anytime..usually staying for longer periods..makes me feel like leaving everything right at this moment and go away somewhere far..at least for a few days..where I can gather myself back.

Now.. feeling so much about coming days is exhausting me. I need to get back to reality. Sigh. Anyways.. M looking forward to my days 🙂 When it would be just me and me and me…and winters! yayy! 😀 Alright.. enough of this.. A very happy November to all you readers out there! Njoy Winters! Tc.


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