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Insanity. That is what the world needs today. Yes.

She waited and waited and waited. No one came. She drank innumerable cups of coffee. No one came. She collected herself and moved out. As she stepped out, twilight welcomed her. Breathing in the evening breeze that bought along with it, a faint scent of lilacs and roses. Ahh..this was refreshing. It cleared her mind a little. She started walking. She kept walking. She still had some distance to cover before reaching her home. Enjoying the cool breeze and setting sun, she decided she could savor it while she could. Slowing down a little, she took a look around. What she saw was, what she hadn’t noticed till now was, that, the road that daily took her home was lined by trees on both sides. They were laden with yellow and orange  flowers, the gentle wind caressing them was making them blush and glow in the dim light. She smiled. After a long time. She stood there, under the lamp post, watching around..people went on. Some nodded at her, some smiled and some frowned..haha..she laughed at that old man who seemed to disapprove of a girl standing alone. He was cute. She waited. No one came. After a while, she moved on. It was getting cold now. It looked like snowfall was about to begin. She now wanted to get home as soon as possible. Still, she took her own time reaching home.

Amid all this, she somehow forgot about the so called date that was supposed to happen that eve. It was going to be their last meet, where they decided to end their relation, a relation that had taken the shape of burden. It was time that they set each other free. Well, he did not come. He must’v been busy. The last date could not happen. All those previous times,when he got late, she would call his cellphone endless times till he came. But today, she just waited. And, no one came. She left.

As she had anticipated, it had started to snow. Usually she didn’t like snow. But today she welcomed it. The snowflakes had decorated her enough when she reached her apartment. Switching on the lights, she sat on the couch. The same couch where they had made love many a times. That was over now. She felt nothing. After a long long time her home felt inviting, warm and peaceful. She slowly got up and sliding curtains, opened the window.

Night, lights and snowfall. It looked lovely. She smiled. Again. Past 3 years reeled in her mind. She felt something, that lasted for some 5 secs. She closed her eyes. Nothing mattered anymore. No more wait, no more issues, no more meets to solve those issues. She had let go. She felt free.

Her phone rang. Repeatedly. But she was more engrossed in the song that was playing behind, Someone like you by Adele.

Never mind, I’ll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don’t forget me, I beg
I remember you said,
“Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.”
Love happens, Love hurts, Love ends. Life begins…

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