I’m drawing boxes and rectangles.

Hmm.. Yeah. I do that all the time. In my mind. On the paper. Anywhere. Everywhere. I sometimes wonder why I don’t draw circles. May be cz they require curves. Curves are tough..somehow. Tough as in they are not straight. They require efforts and skills. Skills need use of brains. Use of brains involve a lot of thinking that is restricted only till curves..till something that ends according to itself and does not leaves any scope for further strikes.  Somehow it does not make me feel free or complete or empty. So, I draw boxes and rectangles.

With boxes and rectangles, its easy. I use straight lines. We all do. I make a box, and when its complete..I repeatedly complete the same box. I don’t need to make a new box or some new object to complete it, meaning I do not need to make any extra efforts and I feel non-stressed..self ruling in a way. You see, drawing boxes and rectangles is easy. It makes one feel liberated. I sometimes rub them lines so much that it tears the page. The thought process blasts. Finally.

Now..I make them drawings almost all the time. In my mind. Rarely on paper. Actually, I need to have my own time when drawing on paper. And it should be random, spontaneous. Unplanned is better. Unplanned is what works. When working also, I draw them(again, in my mind). I cant wait for solitude to draw them. I draw them again, at night when I go to bed. This is the time when it goes uninterrupted. While making patterns and rubbing the lines repeatedly I get so may thoughts at one time. I keep on rubbing the lines, I keep on thinking, thinking, then brushing away some thoughts, making space for new reflections, sometimes smiling, sometimes sulking, at times crying away and many a times letting them linger on. The lines become darker. This all exhausts me. And empties my mind. When the pages finally stop taking in the rubbings and give away, I let sleep take over. A dreamless one. I love dreamless sleeps.

Ha! Drawing boxes is fun..interesting..exhausting..liberating. Do that. Free yourself once in a day..so that you are able to move on to the next!

Tc  Always!!


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