So much for supernatural stuff..

Books on Vampires or so called ‘bloodsuckers’ is not new in the market. It has a long history. But I feel topics like Vampires, werewolves, etc gained momentum after Stephanie Mayor wrote Twilight Series. I read those books. I found them good enough. Initially I was in love with the story line along with its characters. But as everything goes by the law of diminishing returns, now I am more like neutral about the whole Edward-Bella stuff.

Now..what I wish to focus upon is, the books that came after Twilight. There are like uncountable books being written currently in the category of  teen romance that includes all such supernatural creatures. Its like, supernaturalism has become the favorite topic to write upon, for most established, non-established and upcoming if they know the current wave that is flowing all around and want to make money and fame both, while the wave is still up and roaring.

After completing Twilight series, I moved on to The House of Night series by P.C Cast. But I did not find the books captivating enough. Reasons may be, it was more like junk, more of sex and crude stuff, use of slang was too much and the characters were not so into the story. Everything was just running. Then I thought of trying Vampire Dairies. As per me, the series is just fail. It may be a smash hit on the TV..but as a book, I would never ever recommend anyone to read it. To be honest, I could not complete even the 1st part properly. The stuff was repetitive, boring and not worth reading. The characters were so hollow that they could not bind me even half way. I also tried reading other similar books , but they are not even worth remembering.

Dracula was the original, I believe. The Ann Rice novels may also be considered good but not more then that. Twilight came up as something different, fresh in the category. But it ended with the last part of the series. No such similar books have made proper impact on the readers. They are just full of cheap romance, useless conversations, unnecessary usage of f word and stuff. The story lines are only a little different from each other and  totally uninteresting. The new authors are trying to customize these super natural creatures in their own ways that are not appealing at all. Above all, movies and serials are being produced for all such series. As if people have lost their own original ideas and find such books as a good medium to get all the material needed to make it a commercial hit in the market. Also, it looks like authors these days dont write for readers, they write only to make money, to come in limelight, to sell their writings as a script to movie makers. I wonder where they come up with such bizarre ideas to write upon.

What ever happened to those thick books that came in single volume and dint let the readers move away from the super exciting events that ran in the mind like a movie, even for a second? The classic touch that glowed from the books earlier seems to have vanished somewhere. I don’t find it anymore. All I get to see is a non human creature, either good or bad, having a twisted love story and a disturbing past along with an army of different, difficult to understand kinda enemies. Its kind of sad. This is not writing, this is not what they call as literature. Anyways, I wrote this post to express my views on the increasing  rubbish that we get to read these days, and what takes the form of success in a few days known as national/international bestsellers. Donno bout you guys, but I don’t seem to get along well with the stuff that’s being read these days in the name of books or writings.

Alright..this was random. I just hope that I get to read some read-able book on the similar topic soon. Being a human and that too a girl, Edward has definitely left his impact on me that doesn’t seems to go away easily. 😉 So.

I’ll be back with something else to crib upon soon! Read books. Enjoy life. Take good care and Keep smiling!!


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