The Summary!

Human life. Duration: momentary. Nature: changeable. Perception: dim. Condition of Body: decaying. Soul: spinning around. Fortune: unpredictable. Lasting Fame: uncertain. Sum Up: The body and its parts are a river, the soul a dream and mist, life is warfare and a journey far from home, lasting reputation is oblivion.

– Marcus Aurelius, In Humanity


No name post 3.. or 4? whatever..

What do I want to do with my life?

I am confused about this. I actually know a little..but not the whole. I love reading, I love writing, I love art(i don’t know much about fact i know nothing about it), I love travelling. I want to write.I dont know what, as yet..but I want to write. I want to do something with pens, papers, words and thoughts. Handling humans is the toughest job I tell you. Animals are much much much better than us humans.

This is frustrating.

I love English. I love words. Well, I am not satisfied with whatever I am doing currently, my family, myself. I.AM.NOT.HAPPY. And this Christmas all I want is.. to drown myself in books and books and books! I so wish that this comes true. I don’t usually have any wishes from Santa Claus.. but this time I’d really want this wish to come true. I don’t want to be out partying or trying to pretend that I am really enjoying the day. I want to do something that makes me happy. Only one word. Books. They make me happy. I don’t know how to cope us with this.. but no matter how hard I try to keep myself occupied with other things, I don’t seem to be able to satiate my soul. Hmm.. so, headache happens when I think too much without coming to conclusion.

I still dont know what I want to do. I just wish I end up doing something good to my life!!

TC People…Merry Christmas!

Thirst for popularity..Another species of Vampires!

We are so vain that we even care about opinion of those who don’t care about us or those who we don’t care for.

Why do some people crave so much to become popular? Be it face book, be it twitter, be it any other social site.. we can find many examples behaving in an over friendly and over smiling way, just to gain attention and come in the good books of others. Now..the others usually include those who are not fact some are totally strangers. What is the need to become friendly with strangers? Simple conversations are fine..but what with unnecessary hi’s, hellos, good mornings, good nights, how are you, how goes the day questions? Such behaviour clearly shows the over friendliness and a desperate desire to fit in, where they are rarely welcomed. Still..they try to break in the comfort zone. What do they usually get? Cold replies..after a series of forced normal answers !! May be that’s why they don’t have friends in real world.

Let’s name such people as ATAS(All Time Attention Seekers).  So, You ATAS’s make so many lame attempts to gain popularity and the funny thing is you do so for those people whom you know, don’t care for all. You want people to pay attention to you all the time. You want to feel important, you want other people to miss you. But the truth is, people dont give a shit about you freaks. And that they aren’t even remotely interested in attention seekers. You people are just naturally egotistical and need the attention of others to make yourselves feel valued as a person. Although  rarely I see you getting what you want. You only end up forging shallow friendships with those who are considered “cool” in order to socially strive.

You know what? I feel pity for you..and nothing else. You people seem so hungry for attention. On the rare occasions that you are given value, you feel so happy and proud of yourselves. On the opposite, that is, in reality..when you are not even thought of and just made fun of, I feel sympathetic towards you.. of course not seriously. I just feel that urgent need to mock  you.

Its not that wanting attention is bad.. but the way you beg for it in various nonsense ways just goes above my head. I don’t know what you get by gaining popularity and praise that is begged and not originally comes from the heart. Also, it irritates others. You may resent this, but regardless of how lovable you think you are, regardless of the station to which you feel you belong, you are almost exactly where you now belong socially. If you don’t like your present degree of social acceptance, you can change it by positive planning and positive action but right now you are where you asked to be. If you are lonely and “haven’t a friend in the world,” it is because you are negative and careless. If your group is restricted to a casual acquaintance or two from the office, someone from the apartment across the hall, someone you met on train or bus, it is your own acceptance of an unnecessary situation. If you run with a gin-and dance-crazed group–it’s a group of your own acceptance. If you are completely satisfied with your degree of social acceptance, this post is not for you except as it may give you a sharper understanding of the needs of others.

There is a definite connection between social-mindedness and friendship. You cant be friends with everyone and vice versa. The social-minded and socially approved person is more friendly, cooperative, easy to get along with, and reasonably modest. The only advise that I can give you is : Don’t force yourselves into others’ life. Try and be positive so that ‘others‘ wish to gain ‘your‘ attention.

Alright..I guess I have put all my points over here. Lets end the post now. Tc. have a nice day!! Also, you ATASes, please go and do something fruitful other than silently pleading for popularity, and spare us your drama. Thanks in advance!

Tuesday Moanings..

Why do I feel uncomfortable???  Alright. Someone has rightly said that we should not mix up our personal and professional lives. Issues happen. There is nothing new in that. But the worst part is, why do I let it affect me? I am not feeling good about this. Actually, I think too much. Why do I care? I mean, if they have a problem with me..its their problem no? They are not even opening up, nor are they trying to discuss about it. They just behave strangely. As if that would help. I don’t understand why people hesitate in expressing their feelings about any issue..and specially if the silence is hampering the relations. Even if they realize that there is a problem persisting, they wont admit. They would go on as if nothing happened. They would stop talking, behave kind of rudely, will talk only when they feel its necessary and would avoid mingling on their own.

Why am I affected by all this? I guess cz I feel that I am close to them? This is where the truth lies. Its not necessary that whatever I feel, they should also feel the same about me. Isn’t it? What I am not able to figure out is where does my fault lies..or whether I am actually at  fault or not. Too many questions no? And no answers whatsoever. Sigh. Best solution that I can come up to at this moment is, remain busy. I have a life of my own and problems come by default. I should not care so much, neither should I think unnecessarily. Even I should try once, how do problems solve themselves on their own. How does silence helps in resolving the issues..I should practice this once. I want to know if this really works? If yes, then I guess I should wave a big bye to worries. Lets see. God, it doesn’t matter if I am alone. What matters is, I should still be able to look up to you when I am alone!!

Phewwww… I still feel uneasy.

That Girl in Yellow Boots : Movie review

How twisted can relationships be and how far you can go to find the roots of those relations. At the end, all you get is the shocking and utterly disturbing truth about your past, about your family, about your being.

Kalki Koechlin as Ruth is a  British girl, who came down to Mumbai searching for his father. He left her and her Mom when she was very young. She does not remember his face but she knows that he lives somewhere  in Mumbai and is a photographer. In order to survive in the city and find his father she starts working at a massage parlor. Also, to speed the search, she tries to color herself in the Mumbai-an(Indian) colors. With politics and various kinds of demands at every step, she works her way toward her destination by her own understandings. She also gets in a weird kinda relationship with a  drug addict.

In all this she also gets somewhat attached to her parlor clients. But this attachment does not go far and is put on a stop when she comes to know that one of her clients is her father. Upon knowing that he knew this all along that she was his daughter and also on coming to some conclusions about her sister’s death, she freaks out. Numbness takes over and the movie ends with people asking her questions that have no answers.

The movie is directed by Anurag Kashyap, with Kalki Koechlin in the lead role. It also stars Naseeruddin Shah. The girl who runs the parlor is shown as a tough girl who isn’t afraid of anyone, and also is like a friend to Ruth. Prashanth, Ruth’s druggie boyfriend has also acted well, in an honest, straight forward and clean manner. This movie is not like the usual commercial ones and is made on an offbeat subject of relations and what all people do in the name of  “I Love You”. I liked the movie. It was shot in just 13 days. Kalki was as usual her best in the movie. Naseeruddin Shah was not much needed, I felt so. The way in which those unspeakable emotions, from searching to dealing with people to dealing with lover to carrying  on somehow till the goal is reached is filmed in typical Anurag Kashyap style i.e Ruth rarely expresses her emotions on her face. It all has  been laid in front of the audience in a realistic frame that can only be felt and cannot be discussed upon.

The movie is not for the normal Indian population. Most of them may not like it or even understand it. Plot is excellent and length is just right. Anurag Kashyap always comes up with something that is worth watching. Though I haven’t had a chance to watch all his works, but of course the ones that I have seen make him one of my favorite directors.

I give the movie 4 points out of 5. Such kinda cinema is what should catch the most Indian audience, but then all we are attracted to is drama..that leaves us weary. That girl in yellow boots is a complex character: brash but sensitive, numbed to men but desperately needing to connect.

Anyways. I’ll end the post here. You guys tc. Also, December is here. Eat well. Have fun!!