Tuesday Moanings..

Why do I feel uncomfortable???  Alright. Someone has rightly said that we should not mix up our personal and professional lives. Issues happen. There is nothing new in that. But the worst part is, why do I let it affect me? I am not feeling good about this. Actually, I think too much. Why do I care? I mean, if they have a problem with me..its their problem no? They are not even opening up, nor are they trying to discuss about it. They just behave strangely. As if that would help. I don’t understand why people hesitate in expressing their feelings about any issue..and specially if the silence is hampering the relations. Even if they realize that there is a problem persisting, they wont admit. They would go on as if nothing happened. They would stop talking, behave kind of rudely, will talk only when they feel its necessary and would avoid mingling on their own.

Why am I affected by all this? I guess cz I feel that I am close to them? This is where the truth lies. Its not necessary that whatever I feel, they should also feel the same about me. Isn’t it? What I am not able to figure out is where does my fault lies..or whether I am actually at  fault or not. Too many questions no? And no answers whatsoever. Sigh. Best solution that I can come up to at this moment is, remain busy. I have a life of my own and problems come by default. I should not care so much, neither should I think unnecessarily. Even I should try once, how do problems solve themselves on their own. How does silence helps in resolving the issues..I should practice this once. I want to know if this really works? If yes, then I guess I should wave a big bye to worries. Lets see. God, it doesn’t matter if I am alone. What matters is, I should still be able to look up to you when I am alone!!

Phewwww… I still feel uneasy.


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