Books – you better respect them!

Naming books. This may sound a little weird, but it shouldn’t. Even books need a name and that too, name that give the book a meaning and the reader a yearning.

May be books are not humans, may be not everyone reads them, but still, we all agree that books play an important role in our life, in one way or other. For me, they are everything, in fact, they hold the second place in my life, after God. So, for a person like me who loves books so much, its quite natural that every small issue related to books would be thought upon. Naming books may not seem to be an important issue to others, but today as I was browsing through a site related, I noticed that the names of books are not names, they are SENTENCES. Full sentences, with proper grammar and punctuation marks. So what are we doing here.. Naming a book or keeping a full fledged baby shower ceremony for it? hmm?

Now, how would you feel if your name is not ABC but ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ??? Tell me, how would you feel. Also, who would remember your name? In fact, who would even try to remember it? I don’t think even your family would make efforts, although they wouldn’t dare admit their mistake of giving you such a name. So, with books too, I don’t understand, why do people keep such long names for their so called ‘bestsellers’ ? I wonder how…just how do the readers remember these books? Keeping captions is fine.. but what is it with ‘Sentencing’ and not naming a book and then keeping the caption also of the same length?It feels as if the writer want the readers to understand everything through the name itself. May be in future, the whole book would be written on cover page itself. To top it all, the longer the name of the book, the shorter is the thickness, with large fonts, that somehow cover 100-150 pages and finally thank the readers.

In the earlier times, the books were actually named..with just one word. That one word was usually enough to rouse the curiosity of readers. The name itself held such power that excited its readers and provoked them to read the book. And indeed, only few of them ever disappointed their readers. But now, as I said they sentence the book and publish it. Simply. Sometimes they use a whole quote, and lo! we have the book ready. I mean, why cant the authors just keep it sweet and simple, yet saucy and exciting?!

Personally speaking, I don’t even bother to read the full name(sentence) of the book if its more than 3 -4 words. You see, these days wasting time doesn’t seem to be a good idea. If it takes so much time to read the title, when will I read the book. For me, it doesn’t gives a good impression of the book. It feels like the author is making too much and that too, unnecessary efforts to sell his book. Them writers look desperate. I don’t blame them actually, but where is the smart, I mean actually smart and chic and voguish feel that the book should give to its readers?! Its getting difficult to get such powerful, challenging-you-to-read books these days.

I would just wish that the new authors, or the have-been-authors for sometime learn to name their books in the way that they need to, and not in the way that repels readers from books. I also wish that they write for readers.. and not just to sell their books. I hope this happens sometime soon, although its not possible as such, but it should not harm if we get to read any such enticing books before 21st December 2012. 😛 Ok, that was a PJ.. but I seriously pray that the era of good, rich books, that in the name of modernization is just forgotten, comes back and nourishes the souls of us readers again!! Amen!

Have a nice day!


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