Griffin and Sabine : Book review

The extraordinary correspondence between London artist, Griffin Moss, and stamps designer, Sabine Strohem.

An amazing piece of art, Griffin and Sabine is an epistolary novel, by Nick Bantock. It is the first novel in The Griffin and Sabin Trilogy. The other two parts are, Sabine’s Notebook and The Golden mean respectively.

The whole story, the conversations between the two characters is told through a series of letters and postcards.They don’t talk to each other, nor do they know each other. They haven’t even met each other. Yet, they fall in love with each other, through their art and desire to belong to each other.

Plot : Griffin is an artist who lives in London and makes postcards. Sabine is also an artist of similar kind and lives on Sicmon Islands, somewhere in South Pacific. Griffin lives alone and is not a happy soul. One day, an unexpected postcard from Sabin, whom he doesn’t know, surprises him and out of curiosity he replies back. Nothing remains the same hereafter. Gradually, the communication increases through exchange of letters and postcards along with a new work of art, and they come close to each other. Griffin realizes that he is in love with her and the same is reciprocated by Sabine. His lonesome life changes into a happy life where he dreams and thinks about a person other than himself. But all this topples down when Sabine wishes to meet him in person. Griffin grows insecure and doubts upon Sabine’s presence. He rejects her offer to meet him. He thinks she is not real and that she is just a figment of his imagination, to draw away his loneliness. He stops corresponding with her and is led back to miserable condition as before. But all this proves to be a fail as Sabine sends him a postcard, filled with anger..stating that if he wont meet her, she will come and meet him. The book ends here. But not the story.


I came to know about this book while I was browsing Good reads. Before reading the book, I never knew that such exotic work of art existed in the world of books. This book, captivated me from the start. Nick has woven it in such a mysterious yet chic manner that the reader does not want to put this book away even for a second. It is an intimate love story between Grif and Sab, spun beautifully, with lots of colors and artistic drawings. I sometimes wondered if all that was happening in book, also happened in reality? But no, the fantasy is presented by Nick Bantock in such a way that the reader finds himself totally immersed in the ongoing. The two people who were complete strangers to each other once, astound the readers by a scintillating romance. One of the best things about it is the illustrations on the postcards and letters. Watching them closely, one can suck out the deepest meanings. The book is highly creative, written in an unusual, fascinating way. Nick’s style is gripping in every aspect.

I loved this book and I would strongly recommend all the art lovers to read the trilogy, if they want to know the new, fresh and twisting levels the art has gone to. I would give 5 out of 5 marks to this first part. Its rare to find such creativity, thrill, romance, excitement all in one writing. I am yet to read the other two parts of the series. I will be reading them soon and would let you guys know about the end.

Do read the book if you get a chance. This book is a treat for both, book lovers and art lovers. Don’t miss it!


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