Emoticons say a lot! ;)

So um..its been long. Yea, I’ve been away cz I am a lazy creature. Thinking needs a lot of efforts. Efforts..hmm.. this reminded me of the fact that these days almost everything needs an effort. Even laughing or smiling or crying or whatever. Even tid bits seem like a tough job.

So, the other day I was thinking about the same. Laughing also takes efforts?? Yes. The way we have increased using social networking sites and reduced meetings in person, the speed with which friendships and relations are made and broken is a part of our life now. And just because we dont find it necessary to meet people or engage in social activities we have lost the real smiles from our faces. We dont find this is an issue because technology has made life very easy for us. It has invented EMOTICONS.  😦  😥  😐  🙂 😉 😛  😀 :O o.O. These are just the ones used on a usual basis. There are n number of emoticons that have given online communication a new definition. Just as a smiles says a lot, emoticons tell almost the whole story!

In the virtual world we dont need to keep our hands on our mouth to hide our smile. We just have to sit with a still face and put a smiley 😛 or any other as per the situation that actually needs a loud laugh but since the person on other side cant hear us, just a 😀 would be fine. I agree that we have ‘HAHAHAHA’ also as an option but why type so much? Just  a LOL, ROFL or ROFLOL would be enough to express the bursting bubbles from inside. And those who are tooo busy(actually lazy) they again use emoticons. No need to give that extra pain to your cheeks to smile or cry or do hawwww when surprised. We may now have to invent some other exercise to keep our facial muscles working or I guess in sometime doctors will prescribe this as an additional workout for mouth.

According to the observations, emoticons have been very useful. They are skillfully used to pretend that you are very happy or sad when actually the case is opposite. They can also show your real feelings if you wish to disclose them, that is rare. Also, emoticons are very much used to end a conversation these days. When you have no more words to answer an ongoing questionnaire hidden behind the friendly demeanor of an irritating person, you can always use a smiley. The person would understand what you are trying to say. See? Job done, no words, no hurt. Concealing and revealing what you feel is not much difficult now. Yeah, and a friend just reminded me, expressing love, mann..how could I forget that? Valentines day is on the way.. I just hope people don’t  end up sending only emoticons to their loved ones. After all we are humans, some physical and mental activity(in real and not the technical sense) should be there. Matters of heart are delicate.. and should not turn violent! 😉

But as with any technology, nothing stands still.

Just as ring tones lost their rustic charm a few years ago when they moved past a simple monophonic melody, emoticons have lost a bit of their soul by becoming animated and corporate. Where these emoticons make it so easy to communicate, they also lack the genuine respect and the feelings that should actually be  conveyed. But who has time in this super busy life? There are emoticons for almost every feeling and emotion. Just a colon and bracket.. message conveyed!

There could be a nice joke about story of our life if conveyed in emoticons. What it could be like? Happy, Happy, Very Happy+Giggly(in school), Very happy+Giggly(in college), Very Happy(early years of job and marriage), Happy again(Children), Speechless(most of the period after).

That would be like…   🙂 😀 😛 😀 😛 😀 🙂 😐 😦 😐 😦 😐 😦 …..  Isnt it? 😀

Tc people. Have a smiling day!



  1. Haresh, Thanks for commenting! That’s what. People just LOL and then get back to straight face. But with HAHAHA..the laughter spreads in a better ways. I would recommend HAHAHA any day over LOL ! 😀


  2. By the way, I felt quite 😐 and even 😦 not to see 😆 even once in your post, let alone in the series of smileys at the end 😛


  3. LOL. I am one of the people who have never used ‘HAHAHA’ but often use LOL and ROFL 😀

    And, did I say I love smiley, the way they look, and with the cuteness and accuracy they send the message across 😀

    ROFL at the picture you have posted with the smileys attached 😆


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