A walk to remember…

So the winds come to me,

As I move along..

They caress me,

As I feel them on my face..

They play with my hair,

As I open up to their embrace..

The golden yellow sun,

hides behind the waves..

Waves that dance along playfully,

as the shore touches their bare self!!

Moonlit sands lead me

to a solitary spot,

where I sit and gaze

at the moon that is now up

and in the dusky sky looks like a big dot.

I take this all, let it sink in myself,

I let the aura fondle me, and let my soul wander away,

beyond my home, to the lands unknown,

where the calm finds me!!


The currents are at rest and the oceans are conquered,

the anchors are dropped and the chords are broken..

The night smiles at me…


And as I walk away,

I leave my footprints in the sands of time,

to be washed away by the waves of life..

the stars that show me the way, silently walk with me

setting me free.. letting me be..


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