The Botticelli Secret : Book review

History of Rome, Italy has always been a colorful one. The art and culture is as unique and rich as a person’s mind and thoughts.  Nothing in the world can match it. The mystery and fascination that it holds can’t fit in this post, the vastness shouldn’t be underestimated. But if you are a fan of the world’s one of the richest cultures, along with thrill, adventure and excitement that keeps your nerves jumping all the time, then you must read..I repeat, must read The Botticelli Secret.

Plot : The Botticelli Secret is a historical fiction/thriller novel written by Marina Fiorato. The basis of the novel and the mystery is Botticelli’s famous painting Primavera. Luciana Vetra is a girl who lives day by day. She becomes a prostitute at a young age of 16 and her clients come from the effluent class of Florence. When given the opportunity to model for one of the famous painters of the city, Luciana is thrilled at the idea of her beauty being admired by all and the prospect of a chance for something greater in life.

Unfortunately, the painting session is not as exciting as Luciana imagined; a startling situation takes place and she is cast out with her only payment being confusion and shock. Angered at modeling all day and receiving no proper payment, Luciana steals the painting she modeled for. But as soon as she feels that the revenge would do well to the painter, she comes face to face with some deadly consequences of her act.

To save her life and seek sanctuary, she goes to the one person who remains unaffected by her famous chi chi touch, Brother Guido. Amid the political intrigues, Luciana vows to unveil the secret of the painting. Along with Guido, she flees and travels across nine cities of Renaissance Italy, being followed every step of the way by people who are trying to kill them. But she can’t stop, for she has to stop the destruction, that is..

Well, to know the full story you’ll have to read the book. The plot is complex and fast paced. It was much fun to read the book. Marina writes well, no doubt. This was my first book penned by her. She doesn’t let you put it down even for a while. Luciana’s character fits her profession neatly. The book is a bit stretched at some points but it never lets you unhook from itself. Just when you feel that it’s becoming too heavy to go on, some astonishing detail pops up. The small pieces that make up the whole painting were really fascinating.  Never imagined that a painting can hold so many vital clues to something that is just unthinkable in normal terms. The write up is not for romance lovers as it is heavy on mystery part and light on the romance. The climax is awesome. I simply loved it.

I feel happy when a book keeps me glued to it till the end. It does justice to everyone. This was one such book. An enjoyable and exciting read. To be honest, my nights have been totally occupied with unraveling The Botticelli Secret! I am looking forward to other books from Marina. I would give 4.9 marks out of 5 to this book and that should convey my message that I would really like you guys to read this book. 


Sandro Botticelli

He was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance ((c. 1445 – May 17, 1510)). Among his best known works are The Birth of Venus and Primavera. Both paintings have been widely written about and analyzed. He was born in Florence Italy and became an apprentice at the early age of fourteen, not much is known about his life but it is speculated that he was one of the most educated painters of the Renaissance era. It was only after his death, some one hundred years later that Botticelli became one of the most written about and revered painters of the Renaissance.

Sources : Capretti, Elena (1 January 2002). Botticelli Giunti Editore Firenze Italy.

Alrighty folks. Take care till we meet next!

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