My Blogging Journey!

Your blog is your unedited version of yourself. – lorelle

The other day I was thinking about my journey of blogging. I remember that I had initially started with a blog on Blogger in October 2010, when I was highly frustrated with my life. Back then I dint know much about blogging. I saw and read so many blogs and was surprised that the world of words was really large and was inviting too. And I was already full to the brim with feelings and had to vent them somewhere.  Also, I had stopped maintaining my diary. So I thought that blog would be a good medium to vent out my woes. Least did I know that this very platform would become an integral part of my life. Initially I was very active on it and posted some really sad poems and verses.I decorated it beautifully, changing its look every few days like it was a doll that I played with. But I soon lost interest in it, as it turned out to be making me more depressed than ever. Whenever I took a look at it, my heart would fill with such sorrow that made me think “Is my life so miserable?”. It was increasing negativity in me and as a result I stopped posting anything on it. After a few months..I deleted the blog.

But wait, I had already tasted the blood. The blood of writing. Discovering  Wordpress at that moment was like food to my thoughts. I explored WordPress and it did not disappoint me. So as soon as I deleted blogger, I created a new blog on WordPress. I decided that this would be a new beginning and that I wont post crap on it. So I started with small things in life and short poems. I used them to portray what I could not speak or whatever went in my mind. AND, I actually felt GOOD!! I dont know if it was the change of blogging service or something else, but now when I looked at my blog, I felt happy.I felt positive. This inspired me to a large extent, inspired me to write about various things that were happening or non happening in my life, in a creative way. Or may be just plain simple write up. Its not exactly a long way but still I have achieved a lot, not in materialistic terms but in other more meaningful ways.

Blogging for me has acted as a –

Liberating process : I wasn’t sure what I would be doing blogging. Gradually, I started pouring out my thoughts into the blog on a continuous basis.  I wrote whatever came in my mind, I wrote whenever I found time. Gradually I realized that blogging was not just blogging for me anymore. It was much more than that. Penning down the thoughts was so very liberating. I realized that it made me free from within. I felt a sense of achievement after I wrote something, be it a poem, an article or something random. In the past, this creative process took place offline, sometimes alone, sometimes with like-minded people. In a sense, blogging allows people choose, on what art form they want to skill, the fact that everyone is an artist.

Blogging Books : Those who are continuous readers of my blog, are fully aware how much I love books. Initially I posted what I felt. That included my personal views on a topic in the form of an article or poem or humor. But as I was getting engrossed in the world of words, luckily I was getting to read some awesome-est books at the same time. Book blogging has encouraged me to read more and more widely. I have learned a lot as well through writing reviews and reading and knowing what I like and what I dont. I like it when I see more people reading books that spending time elsewhere. I like it when I am able to provide them reviews of really good books. I feel good when I get to write about something that I love the most i.e Books.  That is a satisfaction in itself. I have posted quite a few reviews, one of them being an invitation by Blogadda. Boy, did I feel happy? Answer – Superhappy!

Testing Ideas : Blogging is a good and safe way of testing ones ideas – sharing the stuff that you would like to write upon with others and getting their feedbacks.The learning that I’m doing here is keeping my mind active and stimulating me to ever more creative thought. I usually try to blog about something that goes on in my mind for long. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if I should write about those particular topics but as I experimented with the topics and actually got response, a mixture of calm and excitement was felt within. Blogging has by all odds, been a better medium to pouring out the deepest thoughts that otherwise clog one’s mind and are a cause of unrest.

Connecting With People : I read so much interesting stuff daily and meet so many interesting people on WordPress! There are so many great blogs to follow–I could sit in front of the computer reading all day. But that just doesn’t seem to be possible cz of me doing job. Blogging makes me feel that every other work is co-curricular activity 😛 But even co-curriculars need to be done sometimes!

I think blogging has a lot to offer to both new and experienced writers. Also I tend to analyze things quite a bit so its nice to write something down online and to look back at when I started, and how my posts have amended over time. I try to make my posts useful to readers. I find that I am more thoughtful, more aware of what goes on day to day than I was before. And I have to say I like it, I like it, I really really like it! I feel that blogging is its own education. Too bad you can’t get college credit for it! The journey that I started an year back has led me through beautiful pathways that I guess forms a non-separable part of me.

Here I end my post as to what blogging has done to me over time. I am sure everyone who blogs must be having something to answer about the following questions:What have you learned from pouring your thoughts out there for the whole world to read? Where has your blogging journey led you to?

Tc people! have a nice day ahead.

PS: This post can be considered as a birthday present to my blog which is on 21st of May. Still 5 days to go but could not wait till then. This blog would be completing its 1 year on 21st!! Yayyy! *claps happily* 😀  


Book Review : The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino

“How to Commit the Perfect Murder” was an old game in heaven. I always chose the icicle: the weapon melts away.” ― Alice Sebold

Mathematics is a subject that once mastered can take our brains to those heights which we can never ever imagine. Love, on the other hand can make us do all kinds of things in this world, even murder. Well, that happens all the time. People cross all the borders to attain the object/person of their love, including saving their lives by taking their blame on one’s own head.

Now you would be wondering what is the relation of love and murder. That, my dear readers is the whole suspense and is uncovered in the brilliantly written novel The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino. I am one of all the fortunate people who got an opportunity to read and review this book. When I saw the title of this book, I was a little confused as to what it actually conveyed. But now when I have read it, I am in awe of the author who came up with this title in relation with its content. It’s just perfect. Before we move on to the plot and other details of the book, I would like you guys to ponder upon one thing : Do you love someone so much that you’ll sacrifice your whole life for covering their one mistake?

Plot : Insular and intense, Ishigami is a mathematical genius and one of life’s great observers. What truly absorbs his attention is his next door neighbour, Yasuko Hanaoka, who works at a local food shop. Although they hardly speak to each other, Ishigami is devoted to this single mother of a single daughter, Misato. The drama arrives suddenly in the shape of Yasuko’s violent, sponging ex-husband, Togashi. Yasuko snaps, but not before Misato attacks her stepfather in order to end up his episode from their lives.. Convinced that Togashi is about to murder her daughter, Yasuko tries to save her daughter from doing such an act and ends up killing him herself with an electrical cord.To the rescue of Yasuko comes an unlikely knight in armour, the stocky stolid Ishigami. He calms them by saying that his words of logic and exact calculations will evade suspicion of murder if the police starts their investigations. The premise takes 48 pages to narrate; the remaining pages describe the ingenious cover-up and the police investigation lead by Inspector Kusanagi, with a little extramural help from the brilliant physics professor, Manabu Yukawa. There are some other key characters that add to the mystery and lead the culprit to confessions.

The books starts on a slow note. Very slow note. Me being an impatient reader was left wondering in between that how come it sold two million copies with such a slow speed? But as I moved ahead, I found myself unable to put the book down. The plot is so intense that it really became hard for me to read the full book page by page in order to reach the climax. Higashino’s fictional universe is so carefully constructed and his plot so perfectly paced that some small bumps in the road are quickly flattened. All the characters are entwined with each other in a typical but interesting way. Bonded by faith and deception, love and mistrust, the characters circle each other in elaborate patterns. In the final pages, twist follows twist, turning everything on its head. The finale is both chilling and moving, and confronts emotions that crime fiction rarely covers. You realise that The Suspect of Devotion X is not simply an extraordinary and exciting thriller but a love story. I would give it 4.5 out of 5 marks. And as always I would recommend this book to all those who love their novels with high levels of wit in it.

My weekend well spent I must say! 🙂 Tc people!

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Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon – Book Review

Dogs die all the time. Mystery happens all the time and crimes remain unsolved most of the times. But some crimes do get solved and some mysteries are not actually mysteries but are untold lies, which when comes out, takes shape of a mystery. I am back with another book review that I read this weekend. Also, I am back to work today, Monday with a happy heart. Reason? A curious incident that happened at night time got solved 🙂

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon is unlike any other book I have read. That’s because the narrator, Christopher John Francis Boone, is unlike anyone I have ever met. He is a teenager with an developmental disability who is a mathematical genius and loves puzzles but cannot understand human emotions. When the neighbor’s dog is killed with a pitchfork, he seizes upon it as a puzzle and math problem in hopes of understanding something that makes no sense to him. In this journey we’ll get know about a lot of things that Christopher likes and does not likes. As Christopher moves forward with solving the mystery of the dog, we come to know about his family, his past,  his neighbors and his teacher, Siobhan who encourages him to write a mystery book/novel based on the events that take place after the dog is killed. And as he starts writing, it soon comes into the light that there are bigger mysteries than the mystery of dog, that needs to be solved.

Mark Haddon’s way of writing is just the way I like it. We get to see the world through Christopher’s eyes and believe me, everything that looks so simple, but is not actually simple, is narrated by him in such a straight way that you’ll just want to go on reading it without stopping. The end was a little abrupt as per me, I guess I wanted some more good to happen over there but that’s fine, I could breathe! This book has got to be one of the most fascinating, gripping and unusual stories I have ever read. Not all mysteries are like this and not all detectives are like Christopher. There are relations and lies that connect those relations. There is love and care that is shown in the most unusual way. And there is a genius mind, working on a so-simple, un-important looking incident of a dog that is killed in the night time but solves many mysteries in the process. The story will draw you in, make you laugh and will change your notion towards people affected with autism. An amazing and a must read book with full marks from my side!!

Have a nice week ahead people! Tc.