Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon – Book Review

Dogs die all the time. Mystery happens all the time and crimes remain unsolved most of the times. But some crimes do get solved and some mysteries are not actually mysteries but are untold lies, which when comes out, takes shape of a mystery. I am back with another book review that I read this weekend. Also, I am back to work today, Monday with a happy heart. Reason? A curious incident that happened at night time got solved 🙂

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon is unlike any other book I have read. That’s because the narrator, Christopher John Francis Boone, is unlike anyone I have ever met. He is a teenager with an developmental disability who is a mathematical genius and loves puzzles but cannot understand human emotions. When the neighbor’s dog is killed with a pitchfork, he seizes upon it as a puzzle and math problem in hopes of understanding something that makes no sense to him. In this journey we’ll get know about a lot of things that Christopher likes and does not likes. As Christopher moves forward with solving the mystery of the dog, we come to know about his family, his past,  his neighbors and his teacher, Siobhan who encourages him to write a mystery book/novel based on the events that take place after the dog is killed. And as he starts writing, it soon comes into the light that there are bigger mysteries than the mystery of dog, that needs to be solved.

Mark Haddon’s way of writing is just the way I like it. We get to see the world through Christopher’s eyes and believe me, everything that looks so simple, but is not actually simple, is narrated by him in such a straight way that you’ll just want to go on reading it without stopping. The end was a little abrupt as per me, I guess I wanted some more good to happen over there but that’s fine, I could breathe! This book has got to be one of the most fascinating, gripping and unusual stories I have ever read. Not all mysteries are like this and not all detectives are like Christopher. There are relations and lies that connect those relations. There is love and care that is shown in the most unusual way. And there is a genius mind, working on a so-simple, un-important looking incident of a dog that is killed in the night time but solves many mysteries in the process. The story will draw you in, make you laugh and will change your notion towards people affected with autism. An amazing and a must read book with full marks from my side!!

Have a nice week ahead people! Tc.


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