The Coffee and The Rain -1

Tap tap tap tap tap tap…the rain falls on the roof tops and the water slides down the window glass. Dark grey skies just want to empty themselves, as if in a hurry. Its 1.00 in the afternoon, perfect time to gather myself along with a cup of hot coffee and sit near a window. Windows are the best place to be at when it rains. Coffee completes the set. Watching the rain. It falls. I take the first sip of my coffee. As the warmth sets in, I cup my hands around the mug. Its raining, heavily. I look around. Small rivulets have formed, making their way from somewhere to nowhere. The surroundings look green. The fragrance of wet earth takes over. A cow and a dog are standing under the shade of a tree, protecting themselves, sharing the space.  Two children from neighborhood are making paper boats and feeling happy. The rain falls harder. Their mom shouts at them and forcefully takes them in the house. Winds have become harsh. Everything is hazy now. All I can see is the dim forms out on street. It feels like the rain has created a transparent wall between me and the outside world. But the mind’s eye can never be obstructed. Its always open and is looking for the right opportunity to poke the mind. And lo! the memories come out fresh and clear. All the way from my childhood. Some, that just made me happy all over again, and some, that were supposed to be dissolved in the muddy waters long back. But as they say, one can never trust them memories. Shedding them away, I look at my coffee. The soft brown color blends perfectly with the weather and my mood. I smile and take another sip.

Such moments are much awaited, when I have all the time in this world to myself. I sit back. Peace sets upon. The coffee is finished. But I am still tingling all over. Coffee and rains on a quiet Sunday afternoon does that to you..


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