My Not So Humble Opinion

Niccolo Machiavelli

Dear Machiavelli,

My friends want to throw me a bachelor party. Knowing them, it will involve strippers, booze, drugs, the works. I promised my fiancée I would stay away from that kind of stuff, but I’m really tempted to go, and I’d hate to let the guys down. What should I do?



My Liege,

I am unsure how to advise you in this instance, for your status in this world has much bearing on the matter. Are you a common man, or are you a prince? For it is well known that those actions which are considered most virtuous in a common man are in fact a vice in a prince, and that which would be vice for the lowest laborer is in fact raised to holy virtue when undertaken by a prince. Be you of the lower classes, stay true to your course and all…

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I love Horror! Totally! Scary movies and books. Mind you, that should be really scary. And not blood and guts stuff. I enjoy being scared. I love the euphoric sense of belief at the end of it. I trust them characters more that the ones that appear in the sane world!

La dolce vita..


Rainy holidays are for good life, that is full of pleasure and indulgence!

I did this on Sunday.. Our garden was lush green with the rains and looked absolutely beautiful. Couldn’t stop myself from capturing the small yellows and reds and browns and whites that added to the scenery. 🙂


A little of brown too!


And red..


And white..


My favorite tree from the garden completes my Sunday indulgence..


Enjoy the rains 🙂

Gangs of Wasseypur – Movie Review

Hello Everyone! I am back after a month..almost. Never knew June would turn out to be such a busy month for me. Anyways, the month ended and with the start of July, I managed to treat myself with a brilliant brilliant movie. Gangs of Wasseypur. Aha! What a movie. Excellent! Rarely does a Hindi movie excites me so much as this one did. Anurag Kashyap’s movies do that to me usually. Take any of his movies and you’ll see that typical thrill factor making those never ending circles in your head.

Anyways, back to the movie. Here we go..

Featuring a fight between Qureshis, an ambitious clan of butchers and Pathans since the time Britishers ruled India, the movie introduces us to Shahid Khan, who loots the british trains under the name of legendary Sulatana Daku. Soon Sultana comes to know about this and Shahid has to leave the village. He then starts working in the coal mines owned by Ramadhir Singh and soon becomes his confidant. But after a shocking revelation from Shahid, Ramadhir gets him killed. Shahid’s son, Sardar Khan somehow escapes when his uncle senses that something has gone wrong. Sardar Khan grows up with his cousin under the guidance of his uncle, bearing in mind the revenge he has to take from Ramadhir Singh for killing his father. Nagma, Sardar Khan’s wife is a strong lady who doesn’t shies away from the kind of life her husband leads. As they say, she is actually the boss of their home, when Sardar is the boss on fields. As the years pass, Ramadhir becomes powerful landlord and Sardar becomes a ruthless and most feared ganglord of Wasseypur. This tale of revenge, a mix of social and political rivalry goes on for generations between both the parties.

Manoj Bajpai has come up in one of his best performances ever. As Sardar Khan, he has displayed his multidimensional character, who inspite of being a merciless man, is beaten up by his wife when she catches him cheating upon her. The movie also shows him as a womanizer who thinks that Allah has allowed 4 marriages only for a purpose, and goes on to marry another woman, Durga, whom he lusts after. Richa Chaddha as Nagma has done brilliant acting of putting up with his husband and never fearing to say the ugliest of cuss words. They, as a couple have some of the best scenes in the movie. Other characters have also played their parts flawlessly. The direction is brilliant. The music is one of its kind, Sneha Khanwalkar did a superb job at it. A nice blend of rural and loud beats. The lyrics are totally mind boggling. This movie is immensely enjoyable, but only for those who are comfortable with the real Indian people, and the language that they use in day to day life. If you are averse to the rough language, please don’t watch it.


5/5 stars to Gangs of Wasseypur. Dont miss it! A must watch movie, in fact all of Anurag Kashyap’s movies are a must watch. Fabulous direction and the way his characters come up so real on the screen is just awesome. This movie actually fed my soul. We don’t make much movies of this kind. No extra effects, short and crisp scenes, to the point dialogues that are rich with dark humor, that reaches deep inside and are tough to forget. The movie is everything I always love to watch. Typically raw, real and witty. I am eagerly waiting for the second part of the movie, that’ll put an end to the fire that has spread on to the coming generations of Sardar Khan.

All those who have not watched it, go and watch it. All those who have, watch it again! 🙂

Tc and have a nice week ahead! – Keh ke Lunga – brilliant composition – theme song of the movie.