A Tale of Sometimes


Sometimes you just have to jhelofy people. This usually happens at times when you don’t want to interact with those very people, and you don’t know how to shoo them away and then you just have to sit there and wait patiently (while inside you have a volcano ready to erupt) for them to either finish with their gibberish or if you are lucky enough, when they leave. Kasam se, God takes the test of your patience in such awful ways.

Sometimes you get a reality check about people whom you love and for whom you are ready to do anything(and you do too), but when it comes to your needs, they are just as indifferent and unresponsive, as if you don’t matter at all to them. The very fact that you think they are everything to you and vice versa, seems like such a waste of time and efforts. But then you go on, like a fool, thinking that letting go is the only option if you want things to work smoothly, when actually mein, you should give them a BPL and let them go. Cupid, you a**hole.

Sometimes, some things happen when you realize that those people, whom you consider as very good friends and on the front it looks the same from their end too, are not actually your friends. That they are just some people you know. And you are the people whom they know, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. When you feel that finally you’ve got someone to hang around with, to crack jokes with, to spend some quality time, you get to know that they are, in truth, very self-absorbed and so wrapped up in their own thoughts, feelings and sensations that they have a hard time seeing beyond the boundary of their own noses, let alone how shiny yours might be. That is, they’re just not that into you! They’re much more into themselves. Poor you!

Sometimes, you just want to sit by the window, look out but stare at nothing or you just want a hot cup of coffee and a good book to read,wearing your favorite pyjamas and t-shirt, when you just want to be with yourself,  but all that you end up with is others. No matter how much you hate favor bank(It’s the most powerful bank in the world, and you’ll find it in every sphere of life.), you are trapped, and now you’ll have to work according to the rules. You cant close the account so easily babe. In fact, marte dum tak, you cant, and you wont be able to close your account. Arthi uthane k liye bhi chaar logon ki help lagegi! So.

Sometimes, you don’t need others to be with you. You need only to be with yourself. Living in the fantasy world, for a while, wont hurt. Be friends with yourself. Expressing everything, every time will only create chaos (a friend said this to me – cant ever forget this statement). Own your issues, and deal with them.

And sometimes, you just babble, in your mind. And then scribble it down too. Just like I have been doing since past few mins. And it makes you feel better. No matter how strong and brave you are, you sometimes need to let it out. And since you cant throw pillows at people in office, posts like this come up.

Anyways people, Am done for today. Be good, take care..have a nice Tuesday!! 🙂


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