You Were Always Prettier On Paper

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You handed me my iced coffee every morning with two crinkled napkins wrapped around it. You knew how my hands grow frigid so quickly. You always brought an extra Spenda in case they only put in one instead of two. You tried…

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The Why Fact.

Why do you need people in your life, when you actually don’t need them. Why do you want things from them when you actually don’t want those things from them. Why is it so important to give importance to people who are not at all important. Why do you try to make people happy when they can be happy even if you don’t try. Why do you not do what you want to do. Why do you do what you don’t want to. Why do you want to be with people when you don’t want to be with them. Why don’t you ask yourself the questions that you need to ask. Why are you happy when you don’t have to be. Why are you not happy when you have to be. Why do you cry when you don’t have to. Why don’t you cry when you have to. Why do you want to be different when you are perfectly fine in being not different. Why can’t you be crazy when you can be. Why don’t you feel bored when you should be. Why do you seek happiness when without sadness there is no importance of happiness. Why do you still want to be free when you were born free. Why are you not in love with yourself when you are the only person who can love yourself selflessly. Why do you need to express when you need to be expressionless. Why do you have to speak when you don’t have to speak. Why is silence not as important as words. Why do you prefer lips instead of eyes, to express. Why do you have to ask so many questions when everything does not needs to be questioned.

Why have I not used question marks, when all that I have asked is questions. Why do I have to use question marks for all the questions that I ask?