Hospitals are creepy

Hospitals are places that you have to stay in for a long time, even if you are a visitor. Time doesn’t seem to pass in the same way in hospitals as it does in other places. Time seems to almost not exist in the same way as it does in other places.
Pedro Almodovar
Hospitals are creepy. Be it inhabited or not. But the level and effect of creepiness may not be the same in both the cases.

When its occupied with humans,the level of creepiness is too high, with all the disease and pain spread like plague, but it feels less awful. Or that’s what us humans feel, getting company from others n all, you see. The sense of belonging and man being a social animal, all that stuff. That’s true to some extent. When a person is admitted in a hospital, the condition and situation around is glum. It makes us feel low. All that unhealthy atmosphere tends to get to our nerves and the need to get out of the despair is too strong. But that’s not possible until the patient gets clean chit from the doctor. So till then, what must we do to feel better? Talk to others in the vicinity. Talk and unburden ourselves. We are programmed like that. To seek company where ever we go, sharing our sorrows and miseries with others and vice versa, thereby feeling better. Makes us forget the reason for which we are there, for a while. People who visit the patient make it look like a social gathering, a formal one, almost.Where there are people,there is nothing else to think of. This lessens the disturbing feeling, the actual ominous feeling of the place. Though, it lingers, always.


On the contrary, in abandoned or uninhabited hospitals, the scene is opposite. The once occupied rooms and spaces,now harbor the memories of those days. Some good, some bad. But believe me, the level of creepiness here is awesome! I mean it!The left over, beds, wheelchairs and some other items, you can almost see the patient sitting in those beds in light blue hospital robes, looking all frail and hopeful, at the same time and the near n dear ones, doing secret silent prayers to get well soon. It feels so weird to be at such places, but in a good way(note: I love horror). Silence is the only sound that fills the space most of the time, and occasionally when people like me, wander through, the creeking sounds of our shoes pull the heebie jeebies out of our own selves. We can almost hear the screech of rusty metal that would echo around the room if the handle were turned. The dingy, narrow staircases only adds to the ghostly feel. In the right kind of environment, virtually any object can take on a sinister aspect.

But the atmosphere is fascinating. Very. Sun rays finally get the permission to enter through the broken windows, when previously they were draped in curtains, giving the rooms a cool effect, and it suddenly feels different, standing in a sunny hospital. And you can actually feel it, the presence(if you know what i mean). Somehow you get the intuition that you are not supposed to create even the slightest of disturbances, as if you may wake ‘them’ up. It feels scary. It feels peaceful. It doesn’t expects anything from you. it lets you be, provided you let it be. When you leave the place, you leave some part of yourself behind.

Zak Bagans says – “I discovered that what most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cozy, and home.” I feel the same. Occupied hospitals are way creepier than unoccupied ones. Like people, places also go through the agony. So what would you prefer, places that go through it or places that have faced it all and now stand alone, with nothing more to bear..

Places, while we may only pass fleetingly through them in our lifetimes, make us who we are. We build our societies around them and they change, grow and collapse just as we do. 


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