Travel.. much as you can. As much as it allows, travel. Its good for you, your soul. Its not just about the new place. Its about yourself, your inner being that needs to get out and see the world. The world that is accessible to you only if you permit yourself to. Travel alone. Travel with someone, travel however you want to, but don’t let yourself sit back. There is so much to see, experience, taste. The life you are living now is like a cage, created by yourself. Get out of it. And while you explore the world, you’ll see that in that process you evolve yourself too. You would never come back as the same person. You don’t need to be rich to travel, but you’ll definitely end up rich once you travel. With the memories and the lessons from all the trips that you do, making new friends, an open mind and experiential purchases, you’ll come back with more stuff than you went with.

When I say that everyone should travel, I don’t mean that one should become a tourist. I don’t mean that you should stay in resorts, go on tours with tour guides or buy key chains from souvenir shops. When I say that everyone should travel, what I mean is, when you go the place, you should become a part of it. Discover new coffee shops, walk on beaches, browse the bookstores, go for hiking, cliff diving. Meet people who are not like you, but people who you can like you all the same. Take pictures of things and places and people you meet. Your mind would be in constant awe of life on earth. See things with new eyes. When you look at a map you should be able to remember how you were transformed by the places you’ve been to, the things you’ve seen, and the people you’ve met. And when you come home, you’ll realize that you have not come home whole, but have left a piece of your heart in each place you have been. Feel the place while you are in it.


Your mind and your body wish to explore this planet, but external influences hinder you? You wish to wander through forests, climb mountains and find the beauty of the earth’s surface? But you do not need a lot of money, do not need the approve of others, you do not have to find enough time, do not need a great amount of food or water? More than one hundred years ago, people did the same and did not die from it. You could pack your bag and begin to travel within the next 30 minutes; therefore, what hinders you other than your lack of will to implement it?

Instead of a new dress, buy yourself that plane ticket you always dream about. Every individual must live for life itself, not for its limits.

Tc people. Cya.


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