So, exams are over!


A big Yayy for completing my Masters and at the same time getting done with the exams (I loved studying the subject but I hate the examination part. So.) For everyone’s info, I was pursuing Masters in English Literature.

With regards to education, I have one big Q in mind, Why exams? I do know the reason though, but still, are they the only criterion to judge one’s skills? Heavy stuff apart, I hate exams! they are annoying and exhausting. But when they get over, along with freedom, there’s also a sense of emptiness within. A little of it is explained in this post. I don’t know if ya’ll feel it or not, but to be true, this emptiness is what led me to write about it.

You see, with exams, a lot of things got over.

-The delay in marriage. My chances of getting married soon have increased. 😐

-End of completion of one subject of interest. I love languages and now will have to look for a new course/hobby to pursue.

-The time when I could be with myself came to an end. Its time to get back to reality now. Books take you to another world, where you can be you. Its really tough to get out of them, to get out of that fantasy world!

-End of dictatorship. As happy as my sister was with me buried under books, and she being free, it wasnt exactly fun time for her since she had to work on my behalf too. Reason : I had exams on, I had to study! 😀 All that came to an end now. I’ll have to do my work on my own now 😐

I’ll kind of miss all this.

But now that exams are finished, a great deal of good has also happened. Let me share that too:

-Freeeeeedom! :D. So much time on hands.

-Catching up on all the books that I couldn’t during this one month. I hope you guys understand the agony of a book lover who isn’t able to read when they want to. You see, course book will always be course books, they can never become real books! May Lord grant strength to all bibliomanics at a such a time.

-Catching up on all the horror movies that I couldn’t watch during this period. Yes, I love horror!

-Scope for learning something new.

-Good sleep. Finally.

-Stress gone.

-Feel good factor of completing subject of interest. A sense of accomplishment.

With completion of this chapter of my life, I feel good and realize that one should always do what they want while they still have time.

Also, acknowledging stuff that goes on in your mind and life is a great way to remain de-stressed. Mind is cleared and you are a lot more aware of where you stand and where you want to be next. Writing this post did the same to me.

End of exams is the best thing that can happen to someone and not to mention, but life is a subject too, where usually exam season is on almost all the time. But don’t worry, and give your best. I am sure you’ll be rewarded with the best fruits! 🙂

Well, time to get some work done. Tc people. Have a great week ahead.


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