The secret convenience.

I feel men want women to work, not because they think women would be independent and earn for themselves as well as for the household(helping their partner n all), not because they are proud of their women folk, but because they think women would remain engaged somewhere, anywhere and won’t disturb them(men) or interfere in their life or wont want to invade their life since they would be busy in their own life. I don’t think they really respect that a woman works. I don’t think they are thoughtful about the fact that women can really work, grow and prosper for their own selves.

Women are usually vocal, men aren’t. I feel this is the secret convenience they seek, but don’t voice it, for obvious reasons(feminism on high rise..ya?), besides all the other conveniences.

Nevertheless, its a point of comfort, for both the genders.



  1. Teaching men how to behave can change a society for better. Then again, who teaches the men? It is their mothers who teach them most in life, if you think in the stereotypical way. When those mothers can be happy with a daughter the same way she is when she has a daughter, many things can change for the good.


  2. “Men must be taught”, exactly. That’s what needs to happen, and parents, instead of just feeling proud of having a son and letting them have their way just because they are, must also teach them on how to treat women. This small step can go a long way.

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  3. I don’t really think that’s the way men should view women working. It goes both ways. If they want women to work, they can’t expect them to also do the job of the full-time home maker. They must contribute too. In the core of it all, men must be taught to respect women.


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