My Review : 6 Degrees – Game of Blogs

Blogadda came out with a very noteworthy approach with 6 Degrees- Game of Blogs. Its a compendium of 3 exciting stories that have different plots, but same characters and a jus the perfect twists that hold them all together. The stories are written by 30 bloggers, who were chosen after a series of rounds and who then came together to spin these beautiful yarns.


There are three stories which complete the book. They are:

  1. The Awakening – A science fiction
  2. Entangled Life – A murder mystery
  3. Missing – A Journey Within – A thriller

I would not reveal much about the stories as I suppose the genre says a lot as to what the tales are all about.

The characters remain the same throughout the book. They comprise of:

Shekhar Dutta – Stay at home dad and freelance writer

Tara Dutta – Shekhar’s wife and works in media company

Roohi Dutta – Shekhar and Tara’s daughter

Jennifer – A laid back person who loves to click pictures

Cyrus – Law student

Aryan Ahuja – Shekhar and Tara’s neighbour

Location of all the stories : Mumbai and Delhi

As far as my opinion is concerned, I loved the book. The characters don’t mix up at all. Out of all the stories, the first one became my favorite, which was a marvelous blend of mythology and science fiction, even though sci-fi is not something that I usually read. This tale was very gripping and interesting.

The second story is murder mystery which remains unsolved till the end, but its plot is very strong and all the untold action makes Mr.Java work like hell 😉

The third tale is thriller, but involves a lot of sentiments and acknowledges one the most important social issues. In spite of the happy ending, it left me thinking about a lot many points like where we are leading our lives, individually as well as socially.

I enjoyed the book. It’s a very commendable effort on the part of Blogadda, that brought together so many bloggers to weave such an intricate book. So many creative minds jointly presented a single idea into three story-lines that were well crafted, developed and written. Language of the book is easy to read and keeps the reader glued to the plot. All the stories are steady paced with just the right amount of drama and thrill in them. The book is not age or gender specific, which is another plus point, and I am sure anyone would enjoy it.

Its not easy to come by such books, but when you get a chance to read them, you mustn’t let them go. I would definitely recommend this book to people out there as its a very unique concept that they must experience and be a part of. I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

I am looking forward to more such initiatives with more people getting added, and kudos to all those who were a part of this immensely innovative endeavor.

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