Author: Francis J. Flynn

Published: January 1st 2013

Purchased: Received free from the author in exchange for an honest review

I give it ☆☆☆☆/5 stars.


Review: The cover looks scary. Right? But trust me, as you turn the pages, you’ll see that its anything but scary.

This book was funny. Really. I had much fun reading it. Never ever has been exorcism done the way it was done to Billy Wagner. The writer included everyone, the priests, the demon, the mother, the husband(less of a father that he was), the stripper, the husband’s philandering ways, the romance, the thrill and what not. I caught myself chuckling out loud many times.

It was a quick read. The author managed to poke fun at the christian ideology, the age old opinions and processes about exorcism. It would make you question your spiritual beliefs.  Though at times there was unwanted description about various scenarios in the life of the characters, even the room had a two page description to it, but one would eventually get past it to the exciting on-goings in the book. Father Leo was superb, as was Father Kerbs, not forgetting the stripper cum Wicca priestess Eve, or was it Veronica? 😉  The exorcism was intense and the chaos afterwards was detailed just perfectly. Along with the bursts of fun one liners, the book made easy transition to some emotional swerves as well, which was really affecting.

Reading this book was an experience in itself. Mind you, this is not a horror book. I would highly recommend this book to all the book lovers. It’s the attempted expulsion of a supposed evil spirit from a person brought to you in a fresh, fun way. Hoping to read more from Flynn.

Thank you to Booktasters on Twitter (@BookTasters) for providing me the introduction to this book. Thank you to author for providing me with a review copy!



An Empire of Traitors by Serban V.C Enache – My Review

Series: Of Hate and Laughter #Book 1

Author: Serban V.C Enache

Published: August 14, 2014 by Smash words Edition

Purchased: Received free from the author in exchange for an honest review

I give it ☆☆/5 stars.



An Empire of Traitors is the first book of the series titled Of Hate and Laughter. The story is about a place very far away, that is ruled by royal families. Sun Throne is something that everyone wants to possess. There are five empires, some of which are loyal and respectful towards the throne, others are power hungry and willing to do anything to gain it.

To be honest, it started quite good, but as I went on reading, a bevy of characters kept adding up and it got really difficult at one point, to keep a track of all of them. But I wanted to give this book a chance. I normally don’t take more than 3 days to complete a book, but this took me more than 10 days to finish, the plot was good but confusing too. By the end, it got a little hard for me to keep going, but I did finish it, since I received it from the author.

To tell the truth, this book could have been excellent, but I discovered that I got bored. The characters talked a lot, and there was very little action. I could not find the characters connected to each other while they spoke. Somehow, they could not open up to each other and a lot many times they just thought or spoke about stuff, to themselves only.

The writing was very descriptive and it was clear that the author has put in major efforts to bring out what he wanted to, but it could not mix up well. The fights were less of fights and more of description. I read a lot of positive reviews on Goodreads and other forums and was really thrilled to read it but was a little disappointed. I feel this book didn’t hold up to my expectations.

Of course these are my personal thoughts about the book. I would still recommend it to readers who love long descriptions of war, politics and treachery in their books and try it for themselves since they would like it for sure., even if I didn’t as much as I wanted to.

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