Feminism – Are women abusing this word?

The words feminism and feminist are the some of the most used words all over the world today. In accurate words, feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the gender. India is a democratic country and as far as our constitution says, every citizen of India has equal rights. Of course women who are born in India are entitled to the same. They have all the freedom to do as they please. And as we can see today, they are reaching sky heights in whatever field they chose to work at. There are women who work really hard to achieve their dreams and make the impossible seem possible with their efforts, knowledge and skills. But there are some, who are not so, as they say.

Now,’some women’ seriously must be unlucky for not getting what they wish for, but what about the rest? I ask, when women have been given the rights, why are they not using those very rights and instead are indulging themselves in this circus of feminism. Somehow I am not able to agree with the phrase ‘Women are weak’. This is just an excuse. I believe women can always achieve what they aim for, be it now or later. In fact, these days, they are given so much liberty to take their own decisions as well. I don’t understand the reason behind all the hue and cry that takes place when things are related to women or women’s rights. Women are given the same brains as given to men. While men use the rights in the best possible way(over the head in fact), women simply decide to sit back and chose to be a victim, which is simply not justified. Instead of hating men, how about try loving oneself more?

A popular motto – God helps those who helps themselves, is one of the ways to describe this whole scenario. If women can’t help themselves, how can they expect anyone else to be there for them always. In all the daily soaps and saas bahu serials, its almost always shown that women are their own enemy, which is very much true in the real life as well. Women shout out for equality, but when opportunities come, how many of them actually grab those? Hiding behind household responsibilities, all the while blaming their upbringing, families and partners for taking them for granted and not showing the due respect, is that how women expect to earn equality?

We are the curators of our own life, and we chose our path. Its important that women chose what is best for them, that they must believe in their path instead of blaming the whole world for their bad luck. Women have the power that needs to be tapped in the right way. Once they realize this, I hope then we would have better words to harp on.


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The Wolf of Dorian Gray: A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man– My Review

Published: October 23rd 2016 by BRIAN S. FERENCE

Purchased: Received free from the author in exchange for an honest review

I give it ☆☆☆☆☆/5 stars.


Review: We may call this a somewhat modern version of the original i.e The Picture of Dorian Gray. The only new addition is the wolf. And though the original cannot be compared with any of its kinds, this version may give it a tough competition. It’s a lovely book.

The story, set in 1800s, takes us through the life of Dorian Gray, whose fate is irrevocably linked with that of a pack of wolves, due to the ancient herbal-magical skills performed upon his picture. As he gets in touch with Sage’s friend Lady Helena, he experiences the many appetizing moments of his life that continue to grow him as a person but lower the quality of his soul, just like the wolf, that starts getting bigger in size, as well as his attacks. The hunger is like, never easing and very consuming, in spite of Dorian’s awareness, that his inner being is morphing into something more sinister, day by day.

What follows is a series of deaths and heart breaks, but Gray, who is well into himself cannot fathom what, in actuality, is going around. Taking no notice of the events and the consequences, leaving behind his valuable friendships, Dorian keeps indulging himself, until he gets fed up of the nagging guilt and decides to kill the wolf, now knowing that he was the one who fed him up to the brim and the very wolf can be dangerous to himself.

The story is very well said and engaging. The writing is very clear. I have supreme respect  for Lady Helena, and at the same time, cant stop wondering that how can a single person’s words influence ones’ whole life. The book has everything, action, romance, horror, thrill, complete entertainment. The climax was totally unpredictable, which is another point that I love about this tale.

I would recommend this to all those who love historical fiction and wolves.

Thank you to Booktasters on Twitter (@BookTasters) for providing me the introduction to this book. Thank you to author for providing me with a review copy!

The Wind Whistles Wicked By Patty Fischer – My Review

Published: August 9th 2016 by Page Publishing, Inc.

Purchased: Received free from the author in exchange for an honest review

I give it ☆☆☆☆/5 stars.


Review: This is the first book I have read by Patty Fischer. It was a very interesting read. After long, I got to read a thriller/horror book that wasn’t just vampires. It was different and definitely full of twists.

This is the story of an ancient legend with magical traits, a shape shifter that lurks in the area of Big Sur in Central California. Detectives Luther Charles and Glenda McMahan are the main protagonists in the book, who have dealt with this creature in the past and are probably destined to deal with this evil for the times to come. We can say that the detectives have a personal interest in getting rid of the creature as it would affect their generations to come. As the books catches on, more characters keep adding up, who play a vital role in handling this gory business.

The book was fast paced and full of thrill. With not even a single dull moment, I read this book in one go. The plot is straight. Characters are nicely developed, a tad dramatic, and I did not like the kid Rodolph, and the fact that Glenda got attracted to men quite easily. Though there were some grammatical errors and the climax was abrupt, the book is really good and a must read for thriller/fantasy lovers. Eagerly waiting for the next one in the series to come out.

The book isn’t reviewed much, it seems, and I would recommend the book lovers out there to give it a sure shot. I am sure its a great book, but those who haven’t read it, get a copy soon and make it a big hit!

Thank you to Booktasters on Twitter (@BookTasters) for providing me the introduction to this book. Thank you to author for providing me with a review copy!