Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Return of Damayanti – My review

Published: March 15th 2017 by Partridge India

Purchased: Received free from the author in exchange for an honest review

I give it ☆☆☆☆/5 stars.



This is the second book by the author Nisha Singh. Though I haven’t read the first one, this one came as a pleasant surprise to me. Detective Novels are my favorites and I could not lose any opportunity to let go of this one. I received the book from Blogadda as part of their Book Reviewer’s program. Let me put down my review for the same.

Bhrigu Mahesh, an ex-policeman turned private detective, is visited by Natraj Bhakti, who resides at Krishna Dwar. This retired clerk is deeply disturbed by the phantom of his dead wife, Damyanti, hence calls for help from Bhrigu. Bhrigu and his right hand, Sutte, travel to his ancestral home to solve the mystery and to save the man from this ghost. Even after his arrival upon the scene, the haunting continues. As Bhrigu and Sutte work to untangle the mystery, a lot of secrets come to light and a woman in Bhakti’s family is murdered as well. The case progresses, but not without throwing a few challenges in Bhrigu’s way. Is there a ghost? Who killed Bhakti’s sister? It’s worth knowing if he is able to find out or not.

Now, coming to the specifics of the novel, the plot was brilliant, clear and thorough. The characters are been given appropriate detailing, and a new reader wont feel that its the second book  by Singh. The Sherlock and Watson-sque touch adds to the whole detective-mystery novel feel, with the brilliant, sharp Bhrigu, just like Sherlock and his oppo, jovial and compulsive wise-cracker, Sutte acting as Watson, keeping the readers hooked till the end. Add in the other characters like Manjunath, Bhakti’s good for nothing brother, his sharp tongued wife Premkala, and a ‘learned Pandit’ who we realize doesn’t likes being in a debate about his impractical belief system. We thriller lovers expect the book to be enjoyable from start to end in one go, and I must say, save the pace of the story, that was a little lax, the book passed with flying colors. The language is free flowing, engrossing and entertaining.

What I loved-

Bhrigu’s ways to get the true facts out of anyone, anything

Bhrigu and Sutte’s cute banter

Depicting the complexities of a marriage, materialism and relationships

Portrayal of society and how it’s adept in manipulating a sane man’s mind

Savita, who acts a token of women empowerment in the novel

Final verdict-

Nisha spaces out the characters and plot very nicely. If you are a mystery fan, then this book is the one for you. I would recommend this book to all those who understand and would like to grasp some more of the various aspects of our living culture and the aspects surrounding it. A very interesting read, and should be enjoyed at night or sitting at the window, with rain pouring sown and a mug of hot chocolate.


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