Happy New Year to the Old You.

New Year is just round the corner and people have been bubbling with a false sense of excitement about the same. No one knows what the new year is going to bring, though everyone knows thats it’s going to be the same, lest they themselves change for good or for bad. What is it about New Year that makes people so happy? I never get that, perhaps because I am sort of an egalitarian who advocates the importance of bad stuff in life as much as the good, probably because for me time isn’t measured by years or months, or probably because I don’t bother about passing of time or change of year since it’s just going to be one more year down from our lives, and that we are going to die anyway.

So instead of counting the years, why don’t people focus on being happy in general. I know its not necessary to be happy all the time, but why not focus on one’s healthy mental state instead of compulsorily finding joy within all things materialistic. New Year’s Eve, Ho Ho Ho! People get another reason to party, ha! They believe drowning the bad of 2017 on 31st Dec will make way for good in 2018, which is true to some extent but not really. It’s like you are putting all your expectations on the next year instead of working on them on your own.

Why is partying and creating an animal-istic ruckus at dance clubs and places alike considered a happening and cool way to celebrate the onslaught of new year, but staying cozy in one’s home, surrounded by family or friends, or just books and good food considered boring? Feels like people are pressurizing themselves a little too much to stay trendy, without even knowing it. They think of it as some kinda life changing event, or as if they’ll get better-er with the coming year. Ha!


So what if you have no plans on 31st Dec, so what if you plan to sleep in early and switch off your phones and other modes of communication? It’s wayy better than wasting the night away losing your senses with the help of cute stuff.

Anyways, enjoy all you want but don’t forget that partying away last year’s blues will not change anything at all for you in the coming year. I don’t mean to be negative but cant be stupidly positive. I am bored of 2018 already. Cheers!