Why don’t people carry pen?

I don’t know. I carry pen at all times with me and I am very possessive about the stationary that I carry. But thats not the concern. The concern is, why others don’t carry pen with them. By others, I mean, people who call themselves literate, educated, qualified, professional..

Most such people don’t carry or keep a pen/stationary with them when they go out to work. They don’t find it necessary. They feel its a hassle. They don’t think about it. Now, this may seem silly, but its always better to keep a pen with you. People who ask for a pen when they are in bank, or they are giving interviews or when they have joined a new work place, do not leave a good impression. And trust me, it does not go down well with the person who is giving you the pen(person like me). He will always look at you a moment longer while handing it over and will keep an eye on you until you give it back. People who borrow pens and never give them back are an altogether different story. Since nobody wants to be the whiner asking for their paperclip or hair elastic, these misfits just disappear into the abyss. We, the pen givers are again, the sufferers. But, as the gyaanis say, one must learn to let go!

It shouldn’t hurt either men or women who, these days keep big, fancy laptop bags and hand bags that are stuffed with everything of need. A pen is such a small thing.

Pens are a sensitive issue when you look at it the way it is. This post here is not about encouraging people to have good habits. They probably think they have better good habits than this. Its only that not keeping pens with you and asking for them at every place is very very annoying. I don’t mind lending out things, but I don’t lend out any of my good stuff. All my pens that write well are all hidden away. They are mine. I know I’ll never get anything back, that’s why I lend out my crappy supplies. If you want something good, you gotta go get it yourselves!!

“Pen-bereavement is a serious matter.”
― Anne FadimanEx Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

Also, this:


Emoticons say a lot! ;)

So um..its been long. Yea, I’ve been away cz I am a lazy creature. Thinking needs a lot of efforts. Efforts..hmm.. this reminded me of the fact that these days almost everything needs an effort. Even laughing or smiling or crying or whatever. Even tid bits seem like a tough job.

So, the other day I was thinking about the same. Laughing also takes efforts?? Yes. The way we have increased using social networking sites and reduced meetings in person, the speed with which friendships and relations are made and broken is a part of our life now. And just because we dont find it necessary to meet people or engage in social activities we have lost the real smiles from our faces. We dont find this is an issue because technology has made life very easy for us. It has invented EMOTICONS.  😦  😥  😐  🙂 😉 😛  😀 :O o.O. These are just the ones used on a usual basis. There are n number of emoticons that have given online communication a new definition. Just as a smiles says a lot, emoticons tell almost the whole story!

In the virtual world we dont need to keep our hands on our mouth to hide our smile. We just have to sit with a still face and put a smiley 😛 or any other as per the situation that actually needs a loud laugh but since the person on other side cant hear us, just a 😀 would be fine. I agree that we have ‘HAHAHAHA’ also as an option but why type so much? Just  a LOL, ROFL or ROFLOL would be enough to express the bursting bubbles from inside. And those who are tooo busy(actually lazy) they again use emoticons. No need to give that extra pain to your cheeks to smile or cry or do hawwww when surprised. We may now have to invent some other exercise to keep our facial muscles working or I guess in sometime doctors will prescribe this as an additional workout for mouth.

According to the observations, emoticons have been very useful. They are skillfully used to pretend that you are very happy or sad when actually the case is opposite. They can also show your real feelings if you wish to disclose them, that is rare. Also, emoticons are very much used to end a conversation these days. When you have no more words to answer an ongoing questionnaire hidden behind the friendly demeanor of an irritating person, you can always use a smiley. The person would understand what you are trying to say. See? Job done, no words, no hurt. Concealing and revealing what you feel is not much difficult now. Yeah, and a friend just reminded me, expressing love, mann..how could I forget that? Valentines day is on the way.. I just hope people don’t  end up sending only emoticons to their loved ones. After all we are humans, some physical and mental activity(in real and not the technical sense) should be there. Matters of heart are delicate.. and should not turn violent! 😉

But as with any technology, nothing stands still.

Just as ring tones lost their rustic charm a few years ago when they moved past a simple monophonic melody, emoticons have lost a bit of their soul by becoming animated and corporate. Where these emoticons make it so easy to communicate, they also lack the genuine respect and the feelings that should actually be  conveyed. But who has time in this super busy life? There are emoticons for almost every feeling and emotion. Just a colon and bracket.. message conveyed!

There could be a nice joke about story of our life if conveyed in emoticons. What it could be like? Happy, Happy, Very Happy+Giggly(in school), Very happy+Giggly(in college), Very Happy(early years of job and marriage), Happy again(Children), Speechless(most of the period after).

That would be like…   🙂 😀 😛 😀 😛 😀 🙂 😐 😦 😐 😦 😐 😦 …..  Isnt it? 😀

Tc people. Have a smiling day!


Doomsday.. indeed an interesting thought to write upon.

I wrote this because I was told to write upon THE DOOMSDAY – THE APOCALYPSE.

This is something about which many predictions.. and all false ones, have been made on. I don’t know from where do people get such an idea and that their ideas are spread like fire in a matter of secs. Recently when this rumor spread that on 21st May we all would die, I thought, would that really happen..? I literally waited for the moment.. I wanted to know how would all this end. I was excited.. a lil.. but then it dint happen..  as usual. 😐 It was never talked about again. A new doomsday is prophesied by some Idiot, acc to which this world would come to end in 2012. Let’s wait for one more year.. A little patience wont harm!

Now.. back to our post. Initially I wasn’t much interested in it but then I was asked a direct question – What all would you like to do if there is just an hour left in your death.. just an hour after which you would be no more??. Something clicked.. in my mind…I seriously thought upon that then. I found it as a good idea to pen down my thoughts about the same in this blog. Here they are .. shared with you all.

Well, If I encounter this day, some day.. which I wish should come soon.. cz life is being bitchy a lil too much.
So.. Doomsday would be good in a way.. cz the whole world would be witnessing it and not just few people. As its related to nature.. I believe their would be no inequality 🙂 Now.. it depends that what kind of tragedy befalls on what region and how many people.

When it comes to me.. In the last hour of my life.. I’d like to collect all my books(I LOVE BOOKS), my phone along with earphones, I’d like to kiss my beloved for the last time and after that I’d just like to be with my family..specially my sis.
And and and.. I’d definitely tweet about this.. that m gonna die next hour people.. tc and tweet while you can!! 😉

Now.. on the thought of saving my life.. this may sound a lil weird. I’d do my best to save my loved ones.. but my life.. well as I mentioned above.. life being a bitch n all.. I would be happy dying. Just that when I die.. I should be reading books and eating a grilled cheese veg sandwich! 😀 Ahaa! yummylicious death 😉 I would not ask for any help and stuff in order to save myself. i would accept death as it comes.

People.. I would just like to say that accept death as and when it comes.. cz you never know..if you are the one who’s left alone.. undead.. there’s gonna be a helluva time for you.. you being hurt and alone and lost in this big world with no where to go.. and bodies and mess all around.. No one to tend to you.. and then you wish that you could also have died. Death doesn’t comes to those who beg for it..
Now.. you may be given the responsibility of creating a brand new world.. of clearing the mess and you ending up asking for an Eve/Adam for yourself in order to fuck around and reproduce more assholes…again. In person.. I’d never like that to happen.. I’d like everyone to die.. and I’d like that the history be rewritten..the old history included the making of earth. This new history shall include.. how gods cleared up the mess that they created once.

So. this is how I’d like the doomsday to be.. People should die while enjoying their lives and not while trying to save something that’s bound to be finished some day. And especially when they are at the advantage of knowing that they are going to die.. why saving? Do animals save? Do they run around collecting everything in boxes and saving for later.. in case they are alive.. No.. they don’t. Same way..I would be neutral all along.. in-spite of some anxiety.. I’d like myself to be fine and fearless. 🙂

I wish all goes well with you guys out there on a doomsday. I wish everyone dies a peaceful death and that there should not be anyone left alone on such a special occasion! Everyone should die while witnessing it! I mean it! Njoy the day people.. you may not be alive to experience it again! 🙂

Thank you and Tc!

Dressing up according to days…

The days of the week regulate our lives.

So.. here we are. I am actually writing this post to pen down my thoughts, on how dressing up affects the days and vice versa. For me dressing up according to the day makes the day better and less bearable. Donno bout you guys.. but I thought of sharing my ideology on this..

—— ——- ——- —— :

Monday : I feel one should get dressed up in their best attire on Mondays. I feel so because.. Monday is the worst day of the week and.. to avoid that feel, good clothes play an important role. They make us feel systematic in at least some way 😛 So.. dress up your best on this day!

Tuesday : This is a day about which one shudnt be so bothered. Something trendy would go on this day. Something colorful..yes.. that should shoo away the melancholy and a feel of  disturbance to a great length.

Wednesday : Now.. this day is so much like Monday…I feel if anyone comes in their night dress also.. it would suffice. Wednesdays are such a waste..of everything and anything. It actually isnt so much needed in a week. I feel it enjoys its power just too much and I find it as a heartless day. Yes. So..mm..just a middle finger wont help. we need to dress up quite badly on this day. Ok? Ok.

Thursday : Now.. this is one highly neglected day. I feel pity on it sometimes. Its useless..more or less. So.. one should dress up as per their wish on this day. No particular outfit.. just the one that you feel like.. that you lay your eyes upon the first time in that day. Thursday gets satisfied in that much.

Friday : And ..here comes the big day. FRIDAY. .the most awaited and loved day of the week. Now..I feel, on this day one should wear informals…the most comfortable wear. You know? that chic types 😉 The one that makes you look hot and cool at the same time..that makes your work look like fun! Friday calls for freedom ya.. and freedom should be given due attention!

Saturday : Although this day has lost its importance in my life due to various nonsense reasons, but for most of you out there this day still holds a special place. I feel one should wear semi formals on this day.. preferably black.  It makes the day look well..mm…balanced..and well managed. Somehow.

Sunday : Well.. I guess the most comfy clothes are reserved for this day. I feel…. burmudas or sleeveless apparel is better suited on Sundays. That way one feels free..and not chained up like the other days of the week.

Now..these were my personal opinions. And somehow I feel that you readers would find the post a lil weird. But I couldnt help it.. had to write it down. I would be happy if you are able to relate all this at some point of time!

The days of the week regulate our lives..isnt it? 😉

Have a nice day people ..tc!

N all the tweets are not for you my dear…

Yes.. This is true. Follow me doesn’t mean you have to follow me EVERYWHERE. Am so fed up of this mentality of people that all the tweets are posted, keeping them..and only them in mind. I am sure most of you also have gone through this and more are there who are going through this irritating behavior of people.

First of all.. just why do people think that all the tweeting is for them? How are they able to think so much about those tweets that are nothing but just nonsense? Whatever rubbish or non rubbish is posted.. they react so  instantaneously as if they were waiting since ages for the next tweet. Idiots!! No.. Really. I refer to them as idiots. They are so good at assuming.

People, please please stop doing such acts.. and drama. For your kind information if a person is on twitter..

-They have joined for themselves.. not for you.

-They followed you because you also followed them.. n did that out of some manners/or if they liked your tweets.. n not to have any kind of friendship or get into any kind of relation with you.

-If you think they am rude to you.. so they are.. and they will continue to be until you check your sickening attitude.

-They tweet according to themselves.. and also.. they would reply to the DMs as per their own wish, if you are impatient about the replies.. then rest assured that you wont be replied until n unless they find it important.

-I may be sounding very very rude but people like you are only responsible for such rudeness.


And now I would like to tell you some uses of twitter that you dont seem to be aware of.. n use it for all other idiotic purposes.

-Twitter is a social site.. where you get to MEET new people.. mind you.. just meet them.. and 99% of them are strangers.

-Twitter is not a chat room ..so please dont start it by asking Q like “How are you, What do you do, Where are you from” n all such sh*t.

-Whether you follow people randomly or not..please take care that not everyone will be entertaining your over friendly..or over chatty attitude.

-M saying again… Twitter is for posting news, information, feelings,emotions, rage, fun… in the form of tweets and nobody is here to entertain anyone.. just ANYONE.

-On twitter people converse with each other by being in their own comfort zone.. and if you try to create disturbance.. you’ll be UNFOLLOWED or BLOCKED or BOTH. So please take care about this.

-If you are on twitter for followers..Respect them/Enjoy with them/Have fun/Share information.. don’t pinch them all the time by your nonsense mentions and replies and DMs too.

-Twitter is not for people who get emotional all the time..or those who cannot handle sarcasm/taunts n any such stuff. So if you are emotional.. please join twitter at your own risk. No one will be held responsible for your mood swings and tears.You can sulk n cry as much as you want but don’t expect anyone to check you out.

-Twitter is NOT a matrimony site. Dont try to find your life partner among your followers or others. If at all you get someone for yourself.. our hearty congratulations to you. And double relief that now you wont be disturbing us..or someone else for that matter.

I guess this is enough for today. Twitter should not be taken too seriously. People join twitter to meet people, post tweets, gain n share info about/from almost all the the spheres of life. Please dont make it unpleasant by your immature/sulking/non-twitterish or any other such attitude. You irritate a lot. Sometimes it feels that you should be blocked some 100 times for such behavior. But unfortunately that doesn’t happens. So if you want to remain on twitter and that too with all your respect, please pay attention to the above written.

Thanks!! and if you are again seen doing any such thing.. don’t blame others for the consequences. Happy Tweeting!!! 🙂

Mona Darling… ;)

The Mona Lisa – Masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci is the most famous painting in the history of art. The painting is a half-length portrait and depicts a seated woman with an enigmatic face and a mysterious smile.

Now.. everything else technical and non technical about Mona can be read on Wikipedia. The reason I have included her in this blog is due to the observation that Monalisa’s face is sooo versatile that it can be molded as per one’s wish. Her face has been modified in various and funny ways. Although Mona cannot be considered as a beautiful woman,she certainly has that charm on her face.. n thanks to Vinci..that he captured that charm and glow in his painting. It wont fade away.

Hmmm.. so the main thing to b included in this article is Monalisa in different forms..! As I was going through Monalisa’s pics yesterday.. I found some really funny pics related to her.I would like to share them over here.

1) Monalisa smoking a pipe..!
Ok ..so lets start with this one. This copy was created by Eugène Bataille. Not much info about the person..and I also dint care to look out for him.
2) Monalisa with a moustache and gotee ..!
This copy was created in 1919, by Marcel Duchamp, one of the most influential modern artists, by adorning reproduction with a moustache and a goatee. Poor Mona. How she must have felt seeing herself in another gender..!
3) Monalisa Relaxing..!

Hahaha.. this is funny. I liked this one a lot. Mona is relaxing quite supremely with her hands in another pose i.e behind her head ..n hey here we come to know that she has legs too. She decides to show them off finally 😉 n guys after all she must also have felt hot n sweaty down there. So this is I guess the best pose she could relax in!! N look at the way she’s smiling… mannn.. sexy she is 😉

4)Monalisa wearing a witch’s hat..!
Doesn’t she looks like Professor Magonical?? Yea…Professor Magonical teaches at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who has more or less the same hat that our Mona is having. Her hair also have been styled by, I guess the then most famous beautician. All in all.. its a nice get up 🙂

 5) Monalisa as Jack Sparrow..!

Ahaa.. so.. Our Mona is sooo very attracted by our very own sexy Pirate Mr. Jack Sparrow that she changed her look to his looks 😉 Actually its more like Sparrow has rented her looks… the creation is too good I must say..!

6) Jack Sparrow as Monalisa..!
Haha.. I guess now we can make out the attraction between the two.. 😉 Isnt it? This time the pirate decided to look like Mona ! N yea.. he succeeded to a large extent.

7) Mr.Beans as Monalisa..!

Here we find another admirer of Monalisa. Mr.Beans..ahhh.. ye sahab jo na karien wo kam lagta hai 😉
His face is so very funny… n just look at that teddy bear in his..sorry her.. sorry his.. ohhh.. so confused I am now… 😉 anyways that teddy is also looking surprised .. mmm ..actually more like shocked in Mr.Beans’ urf Monalisa’s hands..!

 8) Monalisa in Goggles..!
She’s looking like Mona darling in real terms in this new avatar of hers. I am sure that Salman would feel so low looking at her goggles and when compared to the ones from Dabanng movie.. hehe..! Cool avatar Mona.. keep it up 😉

9) Mona…parda hai parda..!

Hey Mona..This pic of yours reminds me of that famous song “parda hai parda..parda hai parda.. parde k e peechhe pardanasheen hai.. ” but then looking at that look in your eyes… i feel like humming another song by Asha ji “Parde me rehne do..parda na hatao..Parda jo uth gaya to phir…” … Woman.. you look mysterious in this new pose of yours.Your eyes… giving some secret ishaare… to ur admirers 😉
Well..this was a spontaneous post. The idea just came in my mind and lo it is here..! Monalisa never was so fascinating for me. I guess her smile did some magic on me too… 🙂
N yea.. Mona darling, I am happy to see that I have you in my blog 😀

Wordless Monday…!

Ok… So I guess Monday has become such an important issue in my life that I am so very inspired to write about its greatness… !!
N Dear Monday, please dont take that greatness which i am talking about in a positive way..! I have never seen such an evil day like YOU..!!!
Now.. we all hate Mondays.. I dont know the exact reason but we do hate Mondays…!
After an awesome or even non awesome weekend we would never like to see the face of Monday.On sunday nights you can’t concentrate on anything. Your mind gets saturated with the thought of getting up early and commuting with the great and the unwashed tomorrow morning to embark on another week of drudgery and bullshit. 
At the very thought of waking on Mondays, I feel like going and hiding my face in some deep pit(like an ostrich) when at least I pretend that nobody’s going to find me out.
Those few people who feel good on Mondays.. I dont know what to say about them…! I guess they belong to some altogether different n abnormal species of humans and are not much accepted in the normal species. 

Scientists say that Mondays would feel better if we stop sleeping in on weekends… My dear scientists, whatever gave you this idea was very fake… n lame too..!
On this evil day, I never feel like working and sleep doesn’t seems to part away from me. It feels irritating the whole day. The mere mention of Mondays make me furious.
Most of the people react to Mondays in a terrible manner. Here are some of the reactions that I noticed :
1) The weekend went by so quicklyI can’t believe 
2) Its f@#king Monday again
3) There has got to be an easier way than this
4) I want to throw up
5) I wonder if Bill Gates feels like this?
6) I don’t want to think about it
7) I just want to die
8) Damn Its Monday again….
9) I just wish this monday is erased from the calender(dats my fav statement for Mondays).
Well… Monday sucks!! thats very true.. N what I dont understand is that why is a week supposed to include Mondays in it? Why cant this day be swiped off this Universe? 
These are some questions that I’d like to have answers to.. but I know I cant have it as long as this planet is present. I hate Mondays so much that if I get a chance I would put it to a terribly torturous death.
Writing down all this about this day feels like I actually unburdened myself a little bit.Of course the feeling wont go entirely. Mondays have that power to affect me, rather most of us in a negative way !! 
In the end I would just pray to god that he listens to our prayers and make this Monday disappear forever..!
I Hate You Monday!!