Why don’t people carry pen?

I don’t know. I carry pen at all times with me and I am very possessive about the stationary that I carry. But thats not the concern. The concern is, why others don’t carry pen with them. By others, I mean, people who call themselves literate, educated, qualified, professional..

Most such people don’t carry or keep a pen/stationary with them when they go out to work. They don’t find it necessary. They feel its a hassle. They don’t think about it. Now, this may seem silly, but its always better to keep a pen with you. People who ask for a pen when they are in bank, or they are giving interviews or when they have joined a new work place, do not leave a good impression. And trust me, it does not go down well with the person who is giving you the pen(person like me). He will always look at you a moment longer while handing it over and will keep an eye on you until you give it back. People who borrow pens and never give them back are an altogether different story. Since nobody wants to be the whiner asking for their paperclip or hair elastic, these misfits just disappear into the abyss. We, the pen givers are again, the sufferers. But, as the gyaanis say, one must learn to let go!

It shouldn’t hurt either men or women who, these days keep big, fancy laptop bags and hand bags that are stuffed with everything of need. A pen is such a small thing.

Pens are a sensitive issue when you look at it the way it is. This post here is not about encouraging people to have good habits. They probably think they have better good habits than this. Its only that not keeping pens with you and asking for them at every place is very very annoying. I don’t mind lending out things, but I don’t lend out any of my good stuff. All my pens that write well are all hidden away. They are mine. I know I’ll never get anything back, that’s why I lend out my crappy supplies. If you want something good, you gotta go get it yourselves!!

“Pen-bereavement is a serious matter.”
― Anne FadimanEx Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

Also, this:


Hospitals are creepy

Hospitals are places that you have to stay in for a long time, even if you are a visitor. Time doesn’t seem to pass in the same way in hospitals as it does in other places. Time seems to almost not exist in the same way as it does in other places.
Pedro Almodovar
Hospitals are creepy. Be it inhabited or not. But the level and effect of creepiness may not be the same in both the cases.

When its occupied with humans,the level of creepiness is too high, with all the disease and pain spread like plague, but it feels less awful. Or that’s what us humans feel, getting company from others n all, you see. The sense of belonging and man being a social animal, all that stuff. That’s true to some extent. When a person is admitted in a hospital, the condition and situation around is glum. It makes us feel low. All that unhealthy atmosphere tends to get to our nerves and the need to get out of the despair is too strong. But that’s not possible until the patient gets clean chit from the doctor. So till then, what must we do to feel better? Talk to others in the vicinity. Talk and unburden ourselves. We are programmed like that. To seek company where ever we go, sharing our sorrows and miseries with others and vice versa, thereby feeling better. Makes us forget the reason for which we are there, for a while. People who visit the patient make it look like a social gathering, a formal one, almost.Where there are people,there is nothing else to think of. This lessens the disturbing feeling, the actual ominous feeling of the place. Though, it lingers, always.


On the contrary, in abandoned or uninhabited hospitals, the scene is opposite. The once occupied rooms and spaces,now harbor the memories of those days. Some good, some bad. But believe me, the level of creepiness here is awesome! I mean it!The left over, beds, wheelchairs and some other items, you can almost see the patient sitting in those beds in light blue hospital robes, looking all frail and hopeful, at the same time and the near n dear ones, doing secret silent prayers to get well soon. It feels so weird to be at such places, but in a good way(note: I love horror). Silence is the only sound that fills the space most of the time, and occasionally when people like me, wander through, the creeking sounds of our shoes pull the heebie jeebies out of our own selves. We can almost hear the screech of rusty metal that would echo around the room if the handle were turned. The dingy, narrow staircases only adds to the ghostly feel. In the right kind of environment, virtually any object can take on a sinister aspect.

But the atmosphere is fascinating. Very. Sun rays finally get the permission to enter through the broken windows, when previously they were draped in curtains, giving the rooms a cool effect, and it suddenly feels different, standing in a sunny hospital. And you can actually feel it, the presence(if you know what i mean). Somehow you get the intuition that you are not supposed to create even the slightest of disturbances, as if you may wake ‘them’ up. It feels scary. It feels peaceful. It doesn’t expects anything from you. it lets you be, provided you let it be. When you leave the place, you leave some part of yourself behind.

Zak Bagans says – “I discovered that what most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cozy, and home.” I feel the same. Occupied hospitals are way creepier than unoccupied ones. Like people, places also go through the agony. So what would you prefer, places that go through it or places that have faced it all and now stand alone, with nothing more to bear..

Places, while we may only pass fleetingly through them in our lifetimes, make us who we are. We build our societies around them and they change, grow and collapse just as we do. 

La dolce vita..


Rainy holidays are for good life, that is full of pleasure and indulgence!

I did this on Sunday.. Our garden was lush green with the rains and looked absolutely beautiful. Couldn’t stop myself from capturing the small yellows and reds and browns and whites that added to the scenery. 🙂


A little of brown too!


And red..


And white..


My favorite tree from the garden completes my Sunday indulgence..


Enjoy the rains 🙂

My Blogging Journey!

Your blog is your unedited version of yourself. – lorelle

The other day I was thinking about my journey of blogging. I remember that I had initially started with a blog on Blogger in October 2010, when I was highly frustrated with my life. Back then I dint know much about blogging. I saw and read so many blogs and was surprised that the world of words was really large and was inviting too. And I was already full to the brim with feelings and had to vent them somewhere.  Also, I had stopped maintaining my diary. So I thought that blog would be a good medium to vent out my woes. Least did I know that this very platform would become an integral part of my life. Initially I was very active on it and posted some really sad poems and verses.I decorated it beautifully, changing its look every few days like it was a doll that I played with. But I soon lost interest in it, as it turned out to be making me more depressed than ever. Whenever I took a look at it, my heart would fill with such sorrow that made me think “Is my life so miserable?”. It was increasing negativity in me and as a result I stopped posting anything on it. After a few months..I deleted the blog.

But wait, I had already tasted the blood. The blood of writing. Discovering  Wordpress at that moment was like food to my thoughts. I explored WordPress and it did not disappoint me. So as soon as I deleted blogger, I created a new blog on WordPress. I decided that this would be a new beginning and that I wont post crap on it. So I started with small things in life and short poems. I used them to portray what I could not speak or whatever went in my mind. AND, I actually felt GOOD!! I dont know if it was the change of blogging service or something else, but now when I looked at my blog, I felt happy.I felt positive. This inspired me to a large extent, inspired me to write about various things that were happening or non happening in my life, in a creative way. Or may be just plain simple write up. Its not exactly a long way but still I have achieved a lot, not in materialistic terms but in other more meaningful ways.

Blogging for me has acted as a –

Liberating process : I wasn’t sure what I would be doing blogging. Gradually, I started pouring out my thoughts into the blog on a continuous basis.  I wrote whatever came in my mind, I wrote whenever I found time. Gradually I realized that blogging was not just blogging for me anymore. It was much more than that. Penning down the thoughts was so very liberating. I realized that it made me free from within. I felt a sense of achievement after I wrote something, be it a poem, an article or something random. In the past, this creative process took place offline, sometimes alone, sometimes with like-minded people. In a sense, blogging allows people choose, on what art form they want to skill, the fact that everyone is an artist.

Blogging Books : Those who are continuous readers of my blog, are fully aware how much I love books. Initially I posted what I felt. That included my personal views on a topic in the form of an article or poem or humor. But as I was getting engrossed in the world of words, luckily I was getting to read some awesome-est books at the same time. Book blogging has encouraged me to read more and more widely. I have learned a lot as well through writing reviews and reading and knowing what I like and what I dont. I like it when I see more people reading books that spending time elsewhere. I like it when I am able to provide them reviews of really good books. I feel good when I get to write about something that I love the most i.e Books.  That is a satisfaction in itself. I have posted quite a few reviews, one of them being an invitation by Blogadda. Boy, did I feel happy? Answer – Superhappy!

Testing Ideas : Blogging is a good and safe way of testing ones ideas – sharing the stuff that you would like to write upon with others and getting their feedbacks.The learning that I’m doing here is keeping my mind active and stimulating me to ever more creative thought. I usually try to blog about something that goes on in my mind for long. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if I should write about those particular topics but as I experimented with the topics and actually got response, a mixture of calm and excitement was felt within. Blogging has by all odds, been a better medium to pouring out the deepest thoughts that otherwise clog one’s mind and are a cause of unrest.

Connecting With People : I read so much interesting stuff daily and meet so many interesting people on WordPress! There are so many great blogs to follow–I could sit in front of the computer reading all day. But that just doesn’t seem to be possible cz of me doing job. Blogging makes me feel that every other work is co-curricular activity 😛 But even co-curriculars need to be done sometimes!

I think blogging has a lot to offer to both new and experienced writers. Also I tend to analyze things quite a bit so its nice to write something down online and to look back at when I started, and how my posts have amended over time. I try to make my posts useful to readers. I find that I am more thoughtful, more aware of what goes on day to day than I was before. And I have to say I like it, I like it, I really really like it! I feel that blogging is its own education. Too bad you can’t get college credit for it! The journey that I started an year back has led me through beautiful pathways that I guess forms a non-separable part of me.

Here I end my post as to what blogging has done to me over time. I am sure everyone who blogs must be having something to answer about the following questions:What have you learned from pouring your thoughts out there for the whole world to read? Where has your blogging journey led you to?

Tc people! have a nice day ahead.

PS: This post can be considered as a birthday present to my blog which is on 21st of May. Still 5 days to go but could not wait till then. This blog would be completing its 1 year on 21st!! Yayyy! *claps happily* 😀  


Kaise keh du ki

mujhe chhod diya hai usne..

baat to hai,

magar baat hai ruswai ki..

raakh ka dher hu main,

aur wo hai mauj-e hawa…

usse milne hai mujhe,

aur bikhar jana hai…

ye kis kayamat ki bebasi hai,

k na main mera na mera yaar mera…

na tujh pe kuch ikhteyar mera,

na dil pe kuch ikhteyar mera…

– meherbaan

Ecstasy to mind and peace to heart is a rare gift. Gulzar saab has always created such beautiful magic with words.

Loved those lines!

Books – you better respect them!

Naming books. This may sound a little weird, but it shouldn’t. Even books need a name and that too, name that give the book a meaning and the reader a yearning.

May be books are not humans, may be not everyone reads them, but still, we all agree that books play an important role in our life, in one way or other. For me, they are everything, in fact, they hold the second place in my life, after God. So, for a person like me who loves books so much, its quite natural that every small issue related to books would be thought upon. Naming books may not seem to be an important issue to others, but today as I was browsing through a site related, I noticed that the names of books are not names, they are SENTENCES. Full sentences, with proper grammar and punctuation marks. So what are we doing here.. Naming a book or keeping a full fledged baby shower ceremony for it? hmm?

Now, how would you feel if your name is not ABC but ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ??? Tell me, how would you feel. Also, who would remember your name? In fact, who would even try to remember it? I don’t think even your family would make efforts, although they wouldn’t dare admit their mistake of giving you such a name. So, with books too, I don’t understand, why do people keep such long names for their so called ‘bestsellers’ ? I wonder how…just how do the readers remember these books? Keeping captions is fine.. but what is it with ‘Sentencing’ and not naming a book and then keeping the caption also of the same length?It feels as if the writer want the readers to understand everything through the name itself. May be in future, the whole book would be written on cover page itself. To top it all, the longer the name of the book, the shorter is the thickness, with large fonts, that somehow cover 100-150 pages and finally thank the readers.

In the earlier times, the books were actually named..with just one word. That one word was usually enough to rouse the curiosity of readers. The name itself held such power that excited its readers and provoked them to read the book. And indeed, only few of them ever disappointed their readers. But now, as I said they sentence the book and publish it. Simply. Sometimes they use a whole quote, and lo! we have the book ready. I mean, why cant the authors just keep it sweet and simple, yet saucy and exciting?!

Personally speaking, I don’t even bother to read the full name(sentence) of the book if its more than 3 -4 words. You see, these days wasting time doesn’t seem to be a good idea. If it takes so much time to read the title, when will I read the book. For me, it doesn’t gives a good impression of the book. It feels like the author is making too much and that too, unnecessary efforts to sell his book. Them writers look desperate. I don’t blame them actually, but where is the smart, I mean actually smart and chic and voguish feel that the book should give to its readers?! Its getting difficult to get such powerful, challenging-you-to-read books these days.

I would just wish that the new authors, or the have-been-authors for sometime learn to name their books in the way that they need to, and not in the way that repels readers from books. I also wish that they write for readers.. and not just to sell their books. I hope this happens sometime soon, although its not possible as such, but it should not harm if we get to read any such enticing books before 21st December 2012. 😛 Ok, that was a PJ.. but I seriously pray that the era of good, rich books, that in the name of modernization is just forgotten, comes back and nourishes the souls of us readers again!! Amen!

Have a nice day!

Untitled -2

Insanity. That is what the world needs today. Yes.

She waited and waited and waited. No one came. She drank innumerable cups of coffee. No one came. She collected herself and moved out. As she stepped out, twilight welcomed her. Breathing in the evening breeze that bought along with it, a faint scent of lilacs and roses. Ahh..this was refreshing. It cleared her mind a little. She started walking. She kept walking. She still had some distance to cover before reaching her home. Enjoying the cool breeze and setting sun, she decided she could savor it while she could. Slowing down a little, she took a look around. What she saw was, what she hadn’t noticed till now was, that, the road that daily took her home was lined by trees on both sides. They were laden with yellow and orange  flowers, the gentle wind caressing them was making them blush and glow in the dim light. She smiled. After a long time. She stood there, under the lamp post, watching around..people went on. Some nodded at her, some smiled and some frowned..haha..she laughed at that old man who seemed to disapprove of a girl standing alone. He was cute. She waited. No one came. After a while, she moved on. It was getting cold now. It looked like snowfall was about to begin. She now wanted to get home as soon as possible. Still, she took her own time reaching home.

Amid all this, she somehow forgot about the so called date that was supposed to happen that eve. It was going to be their last meet, where they decided to end their relation, a relation that had taken the shape of burden. It was time that they set each other free. Well, he did not come. He must’v been busy. The last date could not happen. All those previous times,when he got late, she would call his cellphone endless times till he came. But today, she just waited. And, no one came. She left.

As she had anticipated, it had started to snow. Usually she didn’t like snow. But today she welcomed it. The snowflakes had decorated her enough when she reached her apartment. Switching on the lights, she sat on the couch. The same couch where they had made love many a times. That was over now. She felt nothing. After a long long time her home felt inviting, warm and peaceful. She slowly got up and sliding curtains, opened the window.

Night, lights and snowfall. It looked lovely. She smiled. Again. Past 3 years reeled in her mind. She felt something, that lasted for some 5 secs. She closed her eyes. Nothing mattered anymore. No more wait, no more issues, no more meets to solve those issues. She had let go. She felt free.

Her phone rang. Repeatedly. But she was more engrossed in the song that was playing behind, Someone like you by Adele.

Never mind, I’ll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don’t forget me, I beg
I remember you said,
“Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.”
Love happens, Love hurts, Love ends. Life begins…