The secret convenience.

I feel men want women to work, not because they think women would be independent and earn for themselves as well as for the household(helping their partner n all), not because they are proud of their women folk, but because they think women would remain engaged somewhere, anywhere and won’t disturb them(men) or interfere in their life or wont want to invade their life since they would be busy in their own life. I don’t think they really respect that a woman works. I don’t think they are thoughtful about the fact that women can really work, grow and prosper for their own selves.

Women are usually vocal, men aren’t. I feel this is the secret convenience they seek, but don’t voice it, for obvious reasons(feminism on high rise..ya?), besides all the other conveniences.

Nevertheless, its a point of comfort, for both the genders.


So, exams are over!


A big Yayy for completing my Masters and at the same time getting done with the exams (I loved studying the subject but I hate the examination part. So.) For everyone’s info, I was pursuing Masters in English Literature.

With regards to education, I have one big Q in mind, Why exams? I do know the reason though, but still, are they the only criterion to judge one’s skills? Heavy stuff apart, I hate exams! they are annoying and exhausting. But when they get over, along with freedom, there’s also a sense of emptiness within. A little of it is explained in this post. I don’t know if ya’ll feel it or not, but to be true, this emptiness is what led me to write about it.

You see, with exams, a lot of things got over.

-The delay in marriage. My chances of getting married soon have increased. 😐

-End of completion of one subject of interest. I love languages and now will have to look for a new course/hobby to pursue.

-The time when I could be with myself came to an end. Its time to get back to reality now. Books take you to another world, where you can be you. Its really tough to get out of them, to get out of that fantasy world!

-End of dictatorship. As happy as my sister was with me buried under books, and she being free, it wasnt exactly fun time for her since she had to work on my behalf too. Reason : I had exams on, I had to study! 😀 All that came to an end now. I’ll have to do my work on my own now 😐

I’ll kind of miss all this.

But now that exams are finished, a great deal of good has also happened. Let me share that too:

-Freeeeeedom! :D. So much time on hands.

-Catching up on all the books that I couldn’t during this one month. I hope you guys understand the agony of a book lover who isn’t able to read when they want to. You see, course book will always be course books, they can never become real books! May Lord grant strength to all bibliomanics at a such a time.

-Catching up on all the horror movies that I couldn’t watch during this period. Yes, I love horror!

-Scope for learning something new.

-Good sleep. Finally.

-Stress gone.

-Feel good factor of completing subject of interest. A sense of accomplishment.

With completion of this chapter of my life, I feel good and realize that one should always do what they want while they still have time.

Also, acknowledging stuff that goes on in your mind and life is a great way to remain de-stressed. Mind is cleared and you are a lot more aware of where you stand and where you want to be next. Writing this post did the same to me.

End of exams is the best thing that can happen to someone and not to mention, but life is a subject too, where usually exam season is on almost all the time. But don’t worry, and give your best. I am sure you’ll be rewarded with the best fruits! 🙂

Well, time to get some work done. Tc people. Have a great week ahead.

Why don’t people carry pen?

I don’t know. I carry pen at all times with me and I am very possessive about the stationary that I carry. But thats not the concern. The concern is, why others don’t carry pen with them. By others, I mean, people who call themselves literate, educated, qualified, professional..

Most such people don’t carry or keep a pen/stationary with them when they go out to work. They don’t find it necessary. They feel its a hassle. They don’t think about it. Now, this may seem silly, but its always better to keep a pen with you. People who ask for a pen when they are in bank, or they are giving interviews or when they have joined a new work place, do not leave a good impression. And trust me, it does not go down well with the person who is giving you the pen(person like me). He will always look at you a moment longer while handing it over and will keep an eye on you until you give it back. People who borrow pens and never give them back are an altogether different story. Since nobody wants to be the whiner asking for their paperclip or hair elastic, these misfits just disappear into the abyss. We, the pen givers are again, the sufferers. But, as the gyaanis say, one must learn to let go!

It shouldn’t hurt either men or women who, these days keep big, fancy laptop bags and hand bags that are stuffed with everything of need. A pen is such a small thing.

Pens are a sensitive issue when you look at it the way it is. This post here is not about encouraging people to have good habits. They probably think they have better good habits than this. Its only that not keeping pens with you and asking for them at every place is very very annoying. I don’t mind lending out things, but I don’t lend out any of my good stuff. All my pens that write well are all hidden away. They are mine. I know I’ll never get anything back, that’s why I lend out my crappy supplies. If you want something good, you gotta go get it yourselves!!

“Pen-bereavement is a serious matter.”
― Anne FadimanEx Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

Also, this:

A Tale of Sometimes


Sometimes you just have to jhelofy people. This usually happens at times when you don’t want to interact with those very people, and you don’t know how to shoo them away and then you just have to sit there and wait patiently (while inside you have a volcano ready to erupt) for them to either finish with their gibberish or if you are lucky enough, when they leave. Kasam se, God takes the test of your patience in such awful ways.

Sometimes you get a reality check about people whom you love and for whom you are ready to do anything(and you do too), but when it comes to your needs, they are just as indifferent and unresponsive, as if you don’t matter at all to them. The very fact that you think they are everything to you and vice versa, seems like such a waste of time and efforts. But then you go on, like a fool, thinking that letting go is the only option if you want things to work smoothly, when actually mein, you should give them a BPL and let them go. Cupid, you a**hole.

Sometimes, some things happen when you realize that those people, whom you consider as very good friends and on the front it looks the same from their end too, are not actually your friends. That they are just some people you know. And you are the people whom they know, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. When you feel that finally you’ve got someone to hang around with, to crack jokes with, to spend some quality time, you get to know that they are, in truth, very self-absorbed and so wrapped up in their own thoughts, feelings and sensations that they have a hard time seeing beyond the boundary of their own noses, let alone how shiny yours might be. That is, they’re just not that into you! They’re much more into themselves. Poor you!

Sometimes, you just want to sit by the window, look out but stare at nothing or you just want a hot cup of coffee and a good book to read,wearing your favorite pyjamas and t-shirt, when you just want to be with yourself,  but all that you end up with is others. No matter how much you hate favor bank(It’s the most powerful bank in the world, and you’ll find it in every sphere of life.), you are trapped, and now you’ll have to work according to the rules. You cant close the account so easily babe. In fact, marte dum tak, you cant, and you wont be able to close your account. Arthi uthane k liye bhi chaar logon ki help lagegi! So.

Sometimes, you don’t need others to be with you. You need only to be with yourself. Living in the fantasy world, for a while, wont hurt. Be friends with yourself. Expressing everything, every time will only create chaos (a friend said this to me – cant ever forget this statement). Own your issues, and deal with them.

And sometimes, you just babble, in your mind. And then scribble it down too. Just like I have been doing since past few mins. And it makes you feel better. No matter how strong and brave you are, you sometimes need to let it out. And since you cant throw pillows at people in office, posts like this come up.

Anyways people, Am done for today. Be good, take care..have a nice Tuesday!! 🙂

Emoticons say a lot! ;)

So um..its been long. Yea, I’ve been away cz I am a lazy creature. Thinking needs a lot of efforts. Efforts..hmm.. this reminded me of the fact that these days almost everything needs an effort. Even laughing or smiling or crying or whatever. Even tid bits seem like a tough job.

So, the other day I was thinking about the same. Laughing also takes efforts?? Yes. The way we have increased using social networking sites and reduced meetings in person, the speed with which friendships and relations are made and broken is a part of our life now. And just because we dont find it necessary to meet people or engage in social activities we have lost the real smiles from our faces. We dont find this is an issue because technology has made life very easy for us. It has invented EMOTICONS.  😦  😥  😐  🙂 😉 😛  😀 :O o.O. These are just the ones used on a usual basis. There are n number of emoticons that have given online communication a new definition. Just as a smiles says a lot, emoticons tell almost the whole story!

In the virtual world we dont need to keep our hands on our mouth to hide our smile. We just have to sit with a still face and put a smiley 😛 or any other as per the situation that actually needs a loud laugh but since the person on other side cant hear us, just a 😀 would be fine. I agree that we have ‘HAHAHAHA’ also as an option but why type so much? Just  a LOL, ROFL or ROFLOL would be enough to express the bursting bubbles from inside. And those who are tooo busy(actually lazy) they again use emoticons. No need to give that extra pain to your cheeks to smile or cry or do hawwww when surprised. We may now have to invent some other exercise to keep our facial muscles working or I guess in sometime doctors will prescribe this as an additional workout for mouth.

According to the observations, emoticons have been very useful. They are skillfully used to pretend that you are very happy or sad when actually the case is opposite. They can also show your real feelings if you wish to disclose them, that is rare. Also, emoticons are very much used to end a conversation these days. When you have no more words to answer an ongoing questionnaire hidden behind the friendly demeanor of an irritating person, you can always use a smiley. The person would understand what you are trying to say. See? Job done, no words, no hurt. Concealing and revealing what you feel is not much difficult now. Yeah, and a friend just reminded me, expressing love, could I forget that? Valentines day is on the way.. I just hope people don’t  end up sending only emoticons to their loved ones. After all we are humans, some physical and mental activity(in real and not the technical sense) should be there. Matters of heart are delicate.. and should not turn violent! 😉

But as with any technology, nothing stands still.

Just as ring tones lost their rustic charm a few years ago when they moved past a simple monophonic melody, emoticons have lost a bit of their soul by becoming animated and corporate. Where these emoticons make it so easy to communicate, they also lack the genuine respect and the feelings that should actually be  conveyed. But who has time in this super busy life? There are emoticons for almost every feeling and emotion. Just a colon and bracket.. message conveyed!

There could be a nice joke about story of our life if conveyed in emoticons. What it could be like? Happy, Happy, Very Happy+Giggly(in school), Very happy+Giggly(in college), Very Happy(early years of job and marriage), Happy again(Children), Speechless(most of the period after).

That would be like…   🙂 😀 😛 😀 😛 😀 🙂 😐 😦 😐 😦 😐 😦 …..  Isnt it? 😀

Tc people. Have a smiling day!

Books – you better respect them!

Naming books. This may sound a little weird, but it shouldn’t. Even books need a name and that too, name that give the book a meaning and the reader a yearning.

May be books are not humans, may be not everyone reads them, but still, we all agree that books play an important role in our life, in one way or other. For me, they are everything, in fact, they hold the second place in my life, after God. So, for a person like me who loves books so much, its quite natural that every small issue related to books would be thought upon. Naming books may not seem to be an important issue to others, but today as I was browsing through a site related, I noticed that the names of books are not names, they are SENTENCES. Full sentences, with proper grammar and punctuation marks. So what are we doing here.. Naming a book or keeping a full fledged baby shower ceremony for it? hmm?

Now, how would you feel if your name is not ABC but ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ??? Tell me, how would you feel. Also, who would remember your name? In fact, who would even try to remember it? I don’t think even your family would make efforts, although they wouldn’t dare admit their mistake of giving you such a name. So, with books too, I don’t understand, why do people keep such long names for their so called ‘bestsellers’ ? I wonder how…just how do the readers remember these books? Keeping captions is fine.. but what is it with ‘Sentencing’ and not naming a book and then keeping the caption also of the same length?It feels as if the writer want the readers to understand everything through the name itself. May be in future, the whole book would be written on cover page itself. To top it all, the longer the name of the book, the shorter is the thickness, with large fonts, that somehow cover 100-150 pages and finally thank the readers.

In the earlier times, the books were actually named..with just one word. That one word was usually enough to rouse the curiosity of readers. The name itself held such power that excited its readers and provoked them to read the book. And indeed, only few of them ever disappointed their readers. But now, as I said they sentence the book and publish it. Simply. Sometimes they use a whole quote, and lo! we have the book ready. I mean, why cant the authors just keep it sweet and simple, yet saucy and exciting?!

Personally speaking, I don’t even bother to read the full name(sentence) of the book if its more than 3 -4 words. You see, these days wasting time doesn’t seem to be a good idea. If it takes so much time to read the title, when will I read the book. For me, it doesn’t gives a good impression of the book. It feels like the author is making too much and that too, unnecessary efforts to sell his book. Them writers look desperate. I don’t blame them actually, but where is the smart, I mean actually smart and chic and voguish feel that the book should give to its readers?! Its getting difficult to get such powerful, challenging-you-to-read books these days.

I would just wish that the new authors, or the have-been-authors for sometime learn to name their books in the way that they need to, and not in the way that repels readers from books. I also wish that they write for readers.. and not just to sell their books. I hope this happens sometime soon, although its not possible as such, but it should not harm if we get to read any such enticing books before 21st December 2012. 😛 Ok, that was a PJ.. but I seriously pray that the era of good, rich books, that in the name of modernization is just forgotten, comes back and nourishes the souls of us readers again!! Amen!

Have a nice day!