A walk to remember…

So the winds come to me,

As I move along..

They caress me,

As I feel them on my face..

They play with my hair,

As I open up to their embrace..

The golden yellow sun,

hides behind the waves..

Waves that dance along playfully,

as the shore touches their bare self!!

Moonlit sands lead me

to a solitary spot,

where I sit and gaze

at the moon that is now up

and in the dusky sky looks like a big dot.

I take this all, let it sink in myself,

I let the aura fondle me, and let my soul wander away,

beyond my home, to the lands unknown,

where the calm finds me!!


The currents are at rest and the oceans are conquered,

the anchors are dropped and the chords are broken..

The night smiles at me…


And as I walk away,

I leave my footprints in the sands of time,

to be washed away by the waves of life..

the stars that show me the way, silently walk with me

setting me free.. letting me be..



Kaise keh du ki

mujhe chhod diya hai usne..

baat to hai,

magar baat hai ruswai ki..

raakh ka dher hu main,

aur wo hai mauj-e hawa…

usse milne hai mujhe,

aur bikhar jana hai…

ye kis kayamat ki bebasi hai,

k na main mera na mera yaar mera…

na tujh pe kuch ikhteyar mera,

na dil pe kuch ikhteyar mera…

– meherbaan

Ecstasy to mind and peace to heart is a rare gift. Gulzar saab has always created such beautiful magic with words.

Loved those lines!

Nights are beautiful..

Nights are beautiful..Dont you think so?

When sun goes down the horizon

and stars shine upon us..

when birds go to their nest

and the world sets to rest..

when everything is peaceful and calm

that is when..

feathers of memories come and lay on my palm..

my thoughts wander aimlessly..

and sometimes they linger on

that one moment namelessly..

Night..takes in all of my imaginations..

my feelings and my emotions..without any reactions..

It takes in my tears ..it takes in my fears..

It sets me free.. from me..in a way

that I feel…It’s the happiest way to be…

Night is real..it cant be changed..

Its something very beautiful that God has arranged..

Had night been very small or none at all..

There would  have been no moments to fall upon..

Night is what makes me alive..

Night is where my dreams thrive..

Night is beautiful.. night is to celebrate..

the bits and instants that we wish to forget..

Night is to remember.. night is to cry..

Night is to fly high.. with an unexplained joy..

And again I start to whine..

Night is so beautiful..night is so mine..

Night is so divine..night is so mine..

——– ——— ——— ——— ———

The Sound and the Fury..

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

– Macbeth

My school days…

I miss those days..when I could be me..

without any care in the world..

always jolly and free..

when teachers were like second mothers..

and there was not a thing..to worry about others..

that cycling to school in haste..

And still getting late..

that hifiving the friends..who met the same fate..

Giggling throughout the lecture..

then getting punished for the same..

and relishing it as if its a pleasure..

that having lunch before lunch break..

and then rushing towards canteen..

I miss those evenings that were..

piled high with homeworks followed by beatings..

those moments of panic in exams..

and then filling the answer sheets by cheating…

Those bright mornings and the colorful evenings..

that made my life amazing..

Those were the finest days of my life..

I can never forget them..nor do I want to strive..

I miss my school days..I miss my past..

Oh Yes..I miss my School Days.. I miss my Life..

PS : I don’t think anyone can forget their school days ever. The fun that we experience, the love and friendship that we share, the learning that we imbibe from our teachers is just incomparable. Thinking about those good old days makes me nostalgic.. and I am sure the same happens to you too. 

This post came up cz today is Teacher’s day. I could not resist myself from expressing the long chained feelings and today they kicked hard enough to come out as a poem. Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers …who are directly or indirectly involved in our growth as a person and as a human being!! 🙂

Susanna’s Seven Husbands…

Susanna’s seven husbands
Died one after the other
And left Susanna dear
In a spot of bother

She didn’t miss them much
Though she missed them twice over
But getting rid was better
Than being the silent spurned lover

She loved each of them
Death still sealed their fate
Killed one after the other
And satiated Susanna’s hate

Labelled a succubus, a witch
Susanna’s still in the mansion
Shunned by the familiar and the stranger
Wearing out life’s last session

But her spirit still burns bright
For she calls society’s bluff
She isn’t shunned for being thought a killer
But because she’s had the last laugh

This is what the movie “Saat Khoon Maaf” is all about. The movie is based on Ruskin Bond’s novel Susanna’s Seven Husbands. Got this poem after a lot of search..hence such a late post.

Loved the movie!!!