Reasons why we sigh

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To let the sad air out.

To show how irked we are that someone ate all of the cereal.

When the dog knocks over your coffee cup.

When you trip over the dogs bone and land on the couch. (Thankfully.)

When you realize that there is not enough toilet paper to finish what you started.

When the person who called you actually leaves a voice mail.

To prove your complacency to the universe.

When you have no response to a persons nosy inquiry.

Waking up to yet another dreary winter day.

Just fucking because.

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90’s Pictorial Film Rewind: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

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I know, I know. I am attempting to ruin your favourite film; don’t kill me. I like it too. It’s every desi’s favourite film. And, well, why shouldn’t it be? It’s over three fucking hours long, and god knows how we love to make up for the short things in our lives with long ass movies.

I have decided to rewind Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

DDLJ opens with a sad shot of fobby store owner London dad Baldev (Amrish Puri) feeding birds while reminiscing about India after having reached the stars in Vilayat.

Oh, and he’s totally trippin’ balls.

While uncle is busy seeing shapes in the sky, let me introduce you to his family.

Meet annoying smartass 12-year-old Chutki, who ideally should have been killed by Paresh Rawal in King Uncle, and max Punjabi mummy jee, Lajjo.

Of course, this family is uninteresting as shit without Simran, the teenage…

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